November Rain – Guns N’ Roses: how did the bride die?

Suicide or murder? Here’s how the bride dies in November Rain

November Rain is a song from the 90s that had a great success. 9 minutes of pure passion and involvement, which keep you attached to the music and also to the musicvideo!

I heard of people who got married with this song as a soundtrack and of women who chose Stephanie Seymour‘s dress for their most beautiful day. But what??? This is not a wedding song, even if there is a wedding in the musicvideo. In the final part of the story, you can see the bride’s funeral!

And how many disputes over the years about why Axl Rose‘s bride dies! There are supporters of the suicide thesis. Others think it was a murder. Others say that during the post-wedding party she died struck by lightning or fell from the balcony of the villa. In this review I’ll explain why the bride dies in November Rain.

Without you: the story of the musicvideo is taken from a book

At the end of the musicvideo we read from where the story is taken. It is a novel by Adalberto James Miranda, aka Del James. He is a writer, musician, journalist from New York, very close to Axl Rose.
He wrote a series of stories entitled “The language of fear”. One of these novels is titled “Without you” and it is precisely the story from which the musicvideo of November Rain from Guns N’ Roses is taken.

The story is about a famous singer named Mayne, who plays in a band, called Suicide Shift. Mayne is full of money but with various problems related to alcohol and drugs.

The only positive note of his life is the relationship with his girlfriend Elizabeth, who betrays him repeatedly. He seems to do everything to make their story a hell. A life spent between abandonments, reconciliations, excesses and money in avalanches, which circulate in his hands, thanks to the single “Without you”, which Mayne dedicated to her. Until one day, during one of the usual reconciliation attempts after a separation, Mayne goes to Elizabeth’s apartment, hears a shot and … I invite you to read the complete story of this author! You can find it on Amazon.

What is November Rain talking about? Suicide, murder or accident?

This makes us understand that the story of November Rain talks about suicide! Axl Rose plays the part of Mayne and Stephanie Seymour the new bride.

In the musicvideo there are various clues that make one think of suicide. When he lifts Stephanie’ veil into the church, she does not seem happy, she has downcast eyes and a melancholy expression. When she comes out of the church after marriage and gets in the car, she has a sad look.

In the scene of the funeral ceremony she is inside the coffin with a half-faced mirror. This mirror is used for the dead disfigured in a middle of their face. This gives the possibility to the relatives to see the half intact; the image reflected in the mirror offers an idea of completeness. The presence of the mirror suggests that the other half of the bride’s face is scarred by the pistol shot.

Then there are several scenes where the blood is metaphorically represented: the bottle of wine that spills, the glasses full of red wine, the white bride’s bouquet that become red when it falls to the ground, the same dress of Axl Rose. This is because the protagonist of the story had seen his girlfriend in a pool of blood, immediately after the shot.

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