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5 Curiosities about the song Wind of Change by Scorpions

Wind Of Change by Scorpions is a cult of rock music. Released in 1990, it is part of the eleventh album of the band, “Crazy World”. It is not just a song, because it is the anthem of the reunification of Germany and has accompanied the political and social changes of that time.

There are millions of articles on this topic. Here I report 5 curiosities about the song Wind of Change by Scorpions that maybe you don’t know!

5 Curiosities about the Wind of Change song by Scorpions

1) Scorpions are the second band in the world to have played in Russia during the cold war

For those who don’t remember, the cold war is the sort of ideological, political and economic opposition (without direct use of weapons) that occurred between the Soviet Union and the United States at the end of the Second World War. It lasted until the late 1980s. Symbol of this competition was the division of Germany into two parts, West and East, the latter under Russian influence.

In 1961 East Germany also began the construction of a wall (156 km long and almost 4 meter high) to cut the city of Berlin in half and prevent the free movement of people and goods.

The Scorpions began their career in 1965 in Hanover, West Germany, the antagonistic zone of the Russians. However they were the second western band to perform in Russia. In fact, they played in Leningrad in 1988.

Before them, only Uriah Heep, a British hard rock/progressive music group, performed in 1987 in Moscow. Queen also had a concert in Soviet territory but not in Russia. It is the Live Magic in Budapest in Hungary, in 1986.

The Scorpions in Leningrad were warmly welcomed by over 350,000 fans. This success led to the realization of the Moscow Music Peace Festival, a heavy metal and hard rock music festival which was held in the Lenin Stadium in Moscow in 1989. The Scorpions participated in this festival together with other internationally renowned artists, such as Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Cinderella.

2) The song Wind Of Change by Scorpions does not mention the fall of the Berlin Wall

The idea for Wind Of Change by Scorpions came to singer Klaus Meine on the wave of events that would lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall. So it wasn’t made up after that event, as many think. Meine began composing it in September 1989, following the 1988 Soviet Union tour and the Moscow Music Peace Festival of July 1989.

In those months in East Germany and Russia protests against the Soviet government became more insistent and that “wind of change” is the awakening of consciences. Officially the Berlin Wall fell on 9 November 1989 and the reunification of Germany ended on 3 October 1990.

The inspiration for the song came to singer Klaus Meine while he was in Moscow for the Moscow Music Peace Festival and was taking a boat trip in the Moscòva river. The first opening verse of the lyrics recalls that moment “I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park”. Gorky Park (written “Gorkij”) is a park located on the banks of the Moscòva river.

3) In the video of Wind of Change there are not only images of the Berlin Wall

The Wind Of Change music video was released in 1991 (two years after composition) and shows some Scorpions concerts: at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin in December 1990, at the 1989 Moscow Music Peace Festival and at The Wall – Live in Berlin in July 1990. We also see pictures of the construction and the destruction of the Berlin Wall. But not only.

This includes scenes from the crash of the Exxon Valdez supertanker in Alaska with the oil spill. Beijing Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Nelson Mandela released in 1990. Polish leader Lech Wałęsa Nobel Peace Prize. There is also Pope John Paul II.

4) Where does the expression “Wind Of Change” come from?

The expression “Wind Of Change” comes from a speech by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan for the Parliament of South Africa in Cape Town on February 3, 1960. The minister was traveling to Africa to visit the British colonies and realized that the territories needed their independence.

The process of decolonization began with the Labor government of 1945-51 but stopped with the conservative governments that went up to the government later.

Minister Harold Macmillan said in his speech: “The wind of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact.”

5) The Russian and Spanish versions of Wind Of Change

There is also a Russian version of the song Wind Of Change, entitled “Ветер перемен” (“Veter Peremen”) that the Scorpions sang in front of the communist secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. There are also a version in Spanish “Vientos de Cambio”.

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