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5 things you don’t know about The Beautiful People by Manson

In this post we talk about the five things you don’t know about The Beautiful People by Manson and in particular we discover some curiosities about the music video. The song is one of the most famous of the American singer and his band. You can hear it on the second studio album “Antichrist Superstar” of 1996.

1. The book that inspired The Beautiful People

Marilyn Manson was inspired by a book from the 1960s, “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Bender, which talks about the Kennedys, politics and fashions of that period. As you know, the name Marilyn Manson refers to the glamorous world of Marilyn Monroe and also to the rejection of that world, personified by Charles Manson.

The singer (aka Brian Hugh Warner) has created an art name that contains the positive and negative, the beautiful and the ugly. A bit like his clothing and make-up! And the two sides come together to create something absolutely unique and horror!

2. Manson, admirer of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

In addition to Bender’s book, the main inspiration for the song and for the entire 1996 album comes from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. This philosopher, who lived in the second half of the 1800s, is a spokesman for anti-Christianity.

Christianity defends the weak, Nietzsche instead criticizes them and considers them only as necessary elements for the existence of the strong persons. They are “The Beautiful People”. For Nietzsche it is therefore right that the weak exist. In this way strong men, or supermen (Übermensch) can emerge.

3. Who is the director of the video The Beautiful People by Manson

The director of the video for The Beautiful People is Floria Sigismondi, born in Italy in 1965 but naturalized Canadian. She is a director of music videos and commercials, a lover of gothic horror trash. He has worked for David Bowie (with the videos Little Wonder, Dead Man Walking, The Stars, The Next Day), The White Stripes (Blue Orchid), The Cure (The End Of The World), Björk (I’ve Seen It All), Justin Timberlake (Mirrors), Muse (Supermassive Black Hole). For Marilyn Manson she also made the video for “Tourniquet”.

In the video “The Beautiful People” you see the style of this director: oblique, cropped, snappy scenes, soft lights and disturbing shadows, subjects not completely in focus, distorted perspectives.
The video got two MTV Video Music Awards nominations: Best Video Rock and Best Special Effects.

4. The location of the video The Beautiful People by Manson

The video footage shows the disused distillery Gooderham and Worts (Toronto, Canada).
At the turn of the 20th century it was the largest distiller in Canada but the company finished work in 1990. The building is beautiful and dates back to 1860.

The band seems to be inside a large atrium; perhaps it is the laboratory area of ​​the old distillery. The scenography tries to recreate a hospital environment for psychiatric patients. Manson changes the outfit several times. In one of his disguises he is on top of stilts with a long white tunic. In another disguise, he wears a dental device that keeps his mouth open, such as those used in torture or sadomasochistic videos.

The other members of the band also wear grotesque medical costumes. The drum sound of the song is very reminiscent of a military march. During the video Marilyn Manson looks out the window and speaks to the crowd in a manner very similar to the great dictators of the last century.

5. Marilyn Manson and the Rammsteins

Marilyn Manson’s performance with the German Rammstein band became famous during the Echo Awards 2012. In fact, the style of “The Beautiful People” is very reminiscent of the riffs of the band led by Till Lindemann. For those unfamiliar with them, the Echo Awards are prizes awarded to the most important German and international artists. The rally began in 1992.

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