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A Reason to fight by Disturbed: a “twilight” music video

Three years after their last album Immortalizer, Disturbed returned in 2018 with the seventh album “Evolution”, which includes the beautiful “A reason to fight”.

Matt Mahurin, Director of the music video The Sound of Silence

The video of the song is directed by Matt Mahurin, illustrator, photographer and American director.
He worked for magazines such as Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, Forbes, Esquire and The New York Times and directed music videos for Tracy Chapman, U2, Def Leppard, Metallica, REM, Alice in Chains and others.

Matt Mahurin is the same director of the video “The Sound of Silence”, a cover rock produced by Disturbed that had a great success.
The style of the video is “crepuscular”, almost like a film of Tim Burton, with scratches, dust, stain, cracks effects.

The story of the Disturbed A reason to fight video

A reason to fight video focuses on addictions. The inspiration came from the singer David Draiman, who has experienced the situation of being close to people suffering from addictions to alcohol and drugs.

The protagonist of the video is a man prey to the obsession with alcohol, which takes him away from his family and life.

At the beginning of the video the protagonist is depicted inside a bottle; his soul is there imprisoned, looking at his children and his wife in despair. Only the love for them can finally make him break that link with alcohol and make it live again. This event is represented by the protagonist who finds the wedding ring that his wife has thrown into the garden, and with the diamond breaks the bottle, engraving a circle.

The song and the video want to launch a positive message of hope aimed at those who are prey of addictions.

A curiosity about the launch of the second single

Finally a curiosity: last summer the band’s frontman David Draiman launched a survey among the fans and asked if as a single initial they preferred a heavy rock song or a ballad.

83% chose a heavy and therefore “Are you ready” was proposed as the first single. But evidently “A reason to fight” has always been in the heart of the band members, who proposed it as a second single.

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