What you can find in this site

There are three sections in Music Video Meaning site

The first concerns recent music videos from 2010 onwards, the second deals with videos from 2000 to 2009 and finally the third takes us back to the 90s. With this site we do not want to propose the definitive interpretation of the various music videos but only one of the many, which can help you to understand them better, to do further investigations and, why not, to find other interesting interpretations!

You can read every work of art from different angles

You can give it the sense that best suits your emotions and your life experience. And the music videos are real works of art independent of the lyrics; certain music videos are so beautiful that the song is only a soundtrack; when you look at them. they do not seem to be simple videos accompanying the song but they are real short films made by great film producers. So do not miss the new reviews every week!


MVM don’t want to be the usual site that offers you lyrics and translation of the songs

Here you will find original works of interpretation and explanation of music videos. How many times have you happened to watch a music video and not to understand some scenes well? How many times have you listened to your favorite song by watching his video but have you missed some important details? And then maybe you went on internet looking for information and insights but you only found reviews scattered here and there.

…to explain the common thread of the music video, to find a link with the lyrics and we will also go on to discover the autobiographical elements. In fact many singers and many bands insert in music videos references to their history and private life.

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