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All the most famous covers of Dream On by Aerosmith

The song Dream On by Aerosmith is one of the most famous from this American band and it is also one of the best known rock ballads in the history of music. The single dates back to 1973 and you can find it on the band’s debut album titled “Aerosmith“. The author is the lead singer of the band Steven Tyler.

The inspiration for Dream On by Aerosmith

In his book “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir“, Tyler said he found inspiration in his father, also a musician. In particular, he recalled the moments when as a child he listened to him playing classical music on the piano.

In fact, the song Dream One by Aerosmith is a ballad and has a sound that recalls the music of the great pianists of the 1700s and 1800s. The composition of the song took place when Tyler was about 18 years old.

This is the only song from the band’s first album where the singer used his real voice. For the others he sang with a lower pitch. You will notice this if you listen to songs like “One Way Street” and “Movin ‘Out“. Additionally in Dream On we hear him playing the piano.

The lyrics invites you not to abandon your dreams and describes Aerosmith’s early years in the world of music, when they were not yet famous. Critics of that time did not appreciate them, because they said they were the copy of the Rolling Stones.

The music video Dream On by Aerosmith

The music video accompanying the song shows the live performance on the occasion of MT’s tenth anniversary in 1991, with the accompaniment of the orchestra. The director is Marty Callner.
In this video, Aerosmith perform in front of a large audience. There are also photos of the various members of the band and newspapers talking about them.
You can also listen to the audio version without the audience background.

All the most famous cover versions of Dream On by Aerosmith

Other artists on the music scene re-proposed this historic song in their own way. Let’s see the most famous rock covers.

1. Ronnie James Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen “Dream On” (1999, 2003)

This is the most famous cover version and is available on the albums “Not the Same Old Song and Dance: Tribute to Aerosmith” (1999) and “This Is’ 80s Hair Metal” (2003). Ronnie James Dio, former frontman of Black Sabbath and Rainbow, sings accompanied by the guitar of the Swede Yngwie Malmsteen.

2. Andru Donalds “Dream On” (1999)

The cover version of this Jamaican artist dates back to 1999. Andru Donalds’ musical genre ranges from pop to rock, from reggae to soul. This musician produced five albums and his other successful covers include Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Mak’er”, Sinéad O’Connor’s “Thank You” and Air Supply’s “All Out of Love”. Andru Donalds is also on Facebook.

3. Michael Angelo Batio “Dream On” (2005)

American heavy metal guitarist Michael Angelo has also made an instrumental cover of Dream One, contained in the album “Hands Without Shadows”.

4. The Mission UK “Dream On” (1988)

The Mission UK (you can also find them as The Mission) is an English band playing alternative gothic rock, active since 1985 and with seventeen albums released.

5. Blacktop Mojo “Dream On” (2017)

Blacktop Mojo is a Texas rock band born in 2012 by singer Matt James and drummer Nathan Gillis. On YouTube you find the black and white video with the shots set in the recording studio.

6. Caleb Johnson “Dream On” (2014)

Caleb Perry Johnson is an American singer, winner of the thirteenth season of American Idol, a singing competition that lasted 15 years. The Dream On version is on the debut solo album “Testify”.

7. Pellek “Dream On” (2014)

Per Fredrik Åsly is a Norwegian actor, composer, singer and youtuber, part of the metal rock music circuit. He took part in the Norwegian edition of X Factor in 2010.

8. Blessthefall “Dream On” (2010)

Blessthefall, an American metalcore group, included a cover of the song on the album “Punk Goes Classic Rock”, the ninth compilation of the “Punk Goes” series, created by Fearless Records.

9. TruthSurge “Dream On” (2018)

American musician active on YouTube, with 275 thousand subscribers on his channel. He has been playing guitar and singing since 1974 and is also involved in dubbing.

10. Rob Lundgren “Dream On” (2018)

We end this collection of the most famous cover versions of Dream On by Aerosmith with Rob Lundgren, directly from Sweden. This musician calls himself a “YouTube metal singer”. He is the frontman of the bands “Reveal” and “Mentalist“.

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