Amazing by Aerosmith: the prophecy about the virtual world

What will our life be in virtual reality? Amazing by Aerosmith explains it

Amazing by Aerosmith is a song from 1993, with a really incredible video. The story told in the video, in fact, anticipates the future and our life in virtual reality. It shows us how our days will be spen,t wearing a virtual reality visor: just stay in our room and, without going out, we can do amazing things and live in a perfect world.

The perfect world just a click away

The video Amazing by Aerosmith starts with an overview of a messy room. A boy is seated at his desk, inserts a CD into a reader and sees a beautiful girl, who is actress Alicia Silverstone. The boy selects the display mode, choosing “Video” (the other modes are Music, Games, Interactive). He chooses a video from Aerosmith, Cryin ‘, where Silverstone had acted.

The boy then activates the “Scan” mode and scans himself. After the computer has acquired its image, he begins to modify it: he makes his hair shorter, he eliminates the pimples, he puts a nice pair of dark glasses.
Then he scans a model of a motorcycle that he has in the room and in the virtual world magically appears the flaming red motorbike.

The boy uses a virtual reality display and a glove to perform the movements in the virtual world. He is therefore ready to access this interactive game, this Cyberspace, where he can virtually meet Alicia Silverstone.

An emblematic ending: is the protagonist real?

Here he really meets virtual Alicia Silverstone and takes her on a motorcycle ride. After a passionate journey between hugs and fiery kisses, the two young jump with a parachute from an airplane.
The video ends in a cryptic: Alicia Silverstone is watching the boy from a monitor in his room. Maybe the boy does not exist and the trip in virtual reality was that of Alicia? Or maybe she and the boy were playing together in virtual reality?

The Egyptian god of death Anubis in the video Amazing by Aerosmith

Between one scene and another, the Amazing video by Aerosmith shows the band playing inside a Cyberspace tunnel, and also shows three-dimensional images made by computer. Among these images we see the god of death Anubis, the Egyptian deity with a dog’s head, holding a female body by the hand.

Anubis was considered the god who guides souls in the afterlife; the figure that Anubi holds by hand in the Aerosmith’s video could represent the soul of a living being. But why this deity in the Amazing video about virtual reality? Perhaps Aerosmiths wanted to say that virtual reality will take away our soul, will kill our real life and will make us live in a parallel world, different from the real world. And we will not come back any further.

Who is the leading actor in the video Amazing by Aerosmith

The young protagonist of the video is Jason London, who acted as principal actor in the film “Dazed and Confused” (1993). A film that has chosen as a soundtrack a mix of the most beautiful songs of that period, signed by historical bands: at first Aerosmith, and then Deep Purple, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Foghat, Bob Dylan, Lynyrd Skynyrd. In the film there we can see the very young Ben Affleck.

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