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Blue On Black by Five Finger Death Punch

Let’s go back to talking about a namd that is really going strong in this period and about one of their songs that you have definitely heard on the radio: Blue On Black by Five Finger Death Punch. The song is part of their seventh studio album “And Justice for None”. The original song is by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, a blues rock band. The Five Finger Death Punch version was released in May 2018 and has two music videos.

The first music video Blue On Black by Five Finger Death Punch

The first video of the song was uploaded on YouTube in December 2018 and is directed by Dale “Rage” Resteghini, music video director and producer, famous for having worked with artists of all genres, from rap to heavy metal, from punk to hardcore.

The video opens with Ivan Moody, lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch, who arrives by car in front of a place called Carnival of Souls. Suddenly the night falls on the scene and a light appears in the sky, like a bomb.

Ivan Moody enters the club, where there is a masked western party. The characters present seem to come from various eras. On stage Ivan Moody sees himself singing along with the other band members. But his figure is a blue hologram. Other people present at the party also take the form of holograms. Some of them are photographed and their image appears on paintings hanging on the walls.

The meaning of the video in my opinion is this: the life of human beings is like blue on black. If we mix blue with black, blue disappears and we see only black, but blue continues to exist inside black. The life of men blends into the history of the world but continues to exist, only we do not see it: it is one with the history of other billions of human beings.

The second video Blue On Black feat. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Brantley Gilbert and Brian May

The second version of the song Blue On Black has been played by big musicians. As we said at the beginning, Blue On Black is a cover of a song by the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band of 1998 and in this version of the FFDP the band leader Kenny Wayne Shepherd intervened.
Besides him there are the country singer-songwriter Brantley Gilbert and even Brian May, guitarist of Queen.

The proceeds from the sale of the song on digital platforms goes to charity at the Gary Sinise Foundation, an association that supports firefighters, civil protection workers, law enforcement officers, war veterans and their families.

The video shows scenes from the previous first video of the FFDP song but also new scenes with Brantley Gilbert, Brian May and Kenny Wayne Shepherd singing and playing in the recording studios. Rescue scenes are also shown during general fire emergencies and safety devices in the city. Very beautiful scenes where firefighters save a little girl, a kitten and a small dog.

If you want to know more about the song Blue On Black and its original meaning we invite you to read this post about the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band version. We move into the Rock 90s page!

Blue On Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

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