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Blue On Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

Blue On Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band is part of their 1998 Trouble Is album. As we said in this post, Blue On Black was shot in 2018 by Five Finger Death Punch. This modern cover is made in collaboration with Brian May, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Brantley Gilbert.

Let’s find out more about the original song by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, a blues rock band that took its name from the singer and leader.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is an American blues artist. Born in 1977, he has been active in the music world since 1990. He wrote Blue On Black together with songwriters Mark Selby and Tia Sillers. Here you can watch the official video and we also invite you to visit the band’s website.

The meaning of Blue On Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

The meaning of Blue On Black is not unique and opens up to different interpretations. The idea came to the three songwriters, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Mark Selby and Tia Sillers, seeing a blue and black T-shirt that was wearing by Shepherd.

The blue color, if mixed with black, disappears. So Blue On Black can have a negative meaning and represent a loving relationship that suffocates, overwhelms, destroys our own identity, like an obsession that makes us forget who we are.

But the song’s author Shepherd said that everyone can draw from their song the sense they prefer, based on their individual ideas, feelings and experiences. For example the song talks about “Tears on a river”, that is a man who washes tears in the water of a river and in this sense does not have a negative declination. Tears are blue while the river is black and washing tears is meant to give peace and tranquility.

The lyrics also speak of a scream that is stronger than a whisper (“whisper on a scream”), of the cold that surrounds a piece of ice (“cold on ice”). The lyrics also talks of the card game, when the Joker is thrown over the Jack. Maybe with “Joker on Jack” the band was referring to Jack Nicholson, whose figure was overwhelmed by the image of the Joker in the 1989 film “Batman” by Tim Burton.

In a positive sense, therefore, Blue On Black can be understood as a love story that invades your soul and makes you change, without negative connotations.

Music video Blue On Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

The Kenny Wayne Sheperd Band video shows the four young musicians playing during a small live performance in a club. At the same time we see the scenes of a love story between Shepherd and a girl. He is driving at night and he is alone but remembers the moments he spent with his beloved that is no longer with him.

He enter a club and see the face of his ex-girlfriend on TV. While driving, he even sees her walking down the street at night. He arrives at a motel, enters his room and the TV still projects images of the girl. In short, Shepherd has continuous visions of her, as if he could not forget her.

In the end he goes to the girl’s house. She is inside looking at a poster of Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band: she takes a brush and covers it with black.

If you haven’t read it yet, we invite you to watch the post about Blue On Black by Five Finger Death Punch feat. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Brantley Gilbert & Brian May.

Blue On Black by Five Finger Death Punch