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Bon Jovi’s Limitless video: a symbolic song for 2020

Bon Jovi’s Limitless video has been released from a few weeks and has already met with considerable success. On YouTube, it is reaching 1.5 million views in the first month of publication.

The video lasts 3:41 minutes but an extended version of 4.14 minutes is also available.

The location of Bon Jovi’s Limitless video: 1540 Broadway

The location is building 1540 Broadway. Many years ago its name was Bertelsmann Building, until the owners changed. It rises in Manhattan (New York) and is 733 feet (223 meters) high with 44 floors.
On the external facades there are giant monitors. In the Limitless video the monitors show the image of Bon Jovi singing. In other scenes we see the Bon Jovi band performing inside a hall.

The escape of the protagonists of the video Limitless

The protagonists of the video are a boy and a girl forced to do a chain job consisting of putting stamps under the supervision of a director dressed in black. Their stamps leave no ink and that the pages they leaf through are blank. So that work is more a metaphor that wants to show human beings enslaved by technology.

The boy and the girl seem to have a plan: at a certain point they glance at each other, stand up and run away. The manager chases them but they have a bit of an advantage. They go out into the streets of Manhattan, take off the gray overalls they wear and start running, wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

When they seem to be safe, they stop but the director joins them and a melee fight begins between them, which sees the leader succumb.
Continue their escape until they have to jump off a bridge. The director can no longer do anything to chase them.

The meaning of Bon Jovi’s Limitless song

The song is a hymn to freedom and overcoming borders, problems, obstacles. The lyrics urges us never to give up, even in difficult times like these that are happening at the beginning of 2020. Bon Jovi composed the song in 2019 and could not foresee the coronavirus pandemic. But this song can really become our 2020 anthem.

The new Bon Jovi album

Bon Jovi’s fifteenth album entitled “Bon Jovi: 2020” is expected in May 2020. The first single was released in November 2019 and is titled “Unbroken”. It became the soundtrack for the film “To Be of Service” (2019), a documentary on war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Limitless is the second single excerpt.

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