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Burnout by 10 Years: the video tells the story of the band

Burnout by 10 Years is a song that we of the MusicVideoMeaning Staff love a lot! The riff is really engaging and the accompanying music video has futuristic but at the same time introspective nuances.
Let’s go first to find out who 10 Years are for those who don’t know them well yet.

The 10 Years band

The 10 Years formed in 1999 in Knoxville, Tennessee (United States). Their genre is alternative rock, metal, post grunge. They are currently in business and produces 8 albums. They played with Korn, Deftones, Disturbed, Linkin Park. The line-up is composed as follows: Jesse Hasek (vocals), Brian Vodinh (guitar), Matt Wantland (guitar), Chad Grennor (bass), Luke Narey (drums). Over the years the band saw several changes of musicians but with the constant presence of Vodinh and Wantland.

Burnout by 10 Years and the autobiographical video

Burnout by 10 Years is part of the eighth album “How To Live As A Ghost”, born in 2017 thanks to the collaboration with producer Nick Raskulinecz, winner of numerous Grammys and famous for having also worked with Alice in Chains, Deftones, Foo Fighters.

The video of the song started circulating in May 2018. The director is Robert John Kley and the location is a Structure Exhibits warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The story that runs through the video is closely related to the lyrics and probably also to the history of the band and to the numerous releases and entries of musicians.

Burnout speaks of a man who has everything he wants at hand but does not understand the importance and lets it go. He’s in the circle, in the spotlight, but he doesn’t realize it. Only when he comes out of the circle, he understand what he lost.

Just the circle is represented at the beginning of the video. The leading actor enters a circular room, it almost looks like a film that revolves around him. From the cracks you can see images of snowy mountains and pines.

This is the moment when the protagonist is in the spotlight but has no time to think about what he is holding and let it all slip away. Shortly afterwards, a short-circuit mood resonates in the video. Suddenly the set changes and he finds himself watching the 10 Years band playing.

At the end of the video the protagonist sees the images of the face of the singer Jesse Hasek that seems to address him, as if his conscience is talking to him. An invitation not to be too bent on oneself but to seize the great opportunities that life offers us.

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