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Crawling by Linkin Park and the monsters in Chester’s mind

Music video Crawling by Linkin Park begins with the framing of a jewelery box, from which a golden crucifix comes out, and a carillon, with a dancer rotating on itself. Then we see a dark girl crying in front of a mirror in the bathroom. He massages an arm: we see that he has some bruises and has been beaten. The door opens and a bearded man approaches, puts a hand on her shoulder and takes her to her bedroom. The man rummages in a drawer where he finds a complete leopard-blue underwear. These are the scenes of a physical sexual violence suffered by the young girl by someone very close to her.

Other scenes show the young girl in a public bathroom while looking in the mirror; two girls look at her like she’s crazy. When she is with her boyfriend, she does not want to share moments of intimacy and refuses him. We then see her in the shower, washing herself with clothes on, as if she is ashamed of herself and does not even want to undress.

Chester’s mind is a room full of shattered glass

In music video Crawling by Linkin Park the band plays inside a room full of shattered glass. Along with them is the girl, who puts her hands on her ears and crawls around the room, while the ceiling collapses. It is the metaphorical representation of the girl’s mind: fragile, full of cracks, wounds, populated by ghosts and monsters. Every thought is like a shard of glass that can hurt and cut.

Who is the ogre who abuses the girl?

The figure of the ogre seen in the music video can have two meanings related to the Chester Bennington’s life.

It can represent physical violence on the young girl; Chester was also the victim of sexual violence. The Linkin Park singer suffered sexual violence as a child (from 6 to 13 years old) by another teenager, slightly older than him. Chester did not report his friend just because he too suffered violence and abuse. Certainly this experience marked him forever.

The bad man is depression

But the bearded man could metaphorically represent the mental torment of depression, of which Chester Bennington suffered. In fact, the song says “Confusing what is real”. The disturbances of the girl, the restlessness of life, the ghosts that populate her head are portrayed as physical injuries inflicted by an imaginary person. In reality they are wounds of the soul.

At the end of the music video, in fact, the young woman seems to have a moment of lucidity from which she emerges from the depressive state and looks in the mirror: she no longer has bruises or wounds and she smiles. Is she completely out of depression or is it just a passing moment? We do not know it.

Probably it was just a passing moment: surely the video describes the mood of Chester Bennington, with his ups and downs moments, his tearing thoughts and his small moments of happiness. Always looking for peace and serenity thanks to music but attracted by everything that makes him suffer: drugs, alcohol and negative thoughts.

Like the carillon dancer you see at the beginning of the video: she never goes on, she can not overcome obstacles, but she turns on herself. Chester’s life has come to a tragic epilogue, as we know: the suicide on July 20, 2017. That day was the birthday of his dear friend Chris Cornell, who also passed away by suicide.

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