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CueStack – Dehumanize

Let’s get away from the traditional rock genre and dive into electronic rock metal with Dehumanize by CueStack. They are an Austrian band formed by Martin Kames and Bernth Brodträger.

In their music heavy metal blends with hip-pop and electronic elements. Their genre is pop electronic metal. They have been working together since 2017.

Bernth Brodträger is a guitarist from Vienna. Graduate at the Vienna Music Institute, he played in various metal bands.

Martin Kames is a lighting and video designer. He is the owner of the production company ““, which deals with lighting design, visual, sfx and equipment rental. It has several offices around the world, Europe, Australia and the United States. In Austria it is among the most important.

The fusion of music and lights in Dehumanize by CueStack

You can hear the influence of Bernth Brodträger’s electric guitar. In the visual elements Martin Kames is the master. The video of their debut song, entitled “Dehumanize”, had a good success on YouTube, with over 12 thousand views.

The video begins with Brodträger in the foreground playing the guitar, illuminated by beams of light that start from the bottom. Next to him is Martin Kames who deals with mixes, synthesizers and vocals. The sound of the voice is filtered, offering a decidedly mechanical result.

The images follow one another in a play of lights, multiplied figures, overlaps, glows, reversals, scenic effects.

In one scene, Bernth Brodträger seems to be playing above a tall column. In another scene he appears on another planet and above ihim you see our Earth.

You can clearly see the great graphics and design work behind this CueStack music video. In “Dehumanize” the music blends with the scenography and the lights, projecting the viewer into another dimension.