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Dirtycakes – Naked

Three girls and a twister game: the Dirtycakes video “Naked” uses simple images to express the strong, overwhelming and irrational emotions of the lyrics. Moreover, behind the scenes of the game there are many hidden meanings! Let’s go discover them.


Dirtycakes arrive from Los Angeles (California) and are very active on social media. Over 16 thousand followers on Facebook. Over 51 thousand on Instagram and 4,000 posts published. On Twitter they have 44,900 followers, 55,600 tweets and 38,000 photos and videos.

The band spends many hours in the recording studio. And above all, they devote a lot of time to their fans and interaction with them!

Dirtycakes define their rock as “Fun, Heavy Songs about Drugs and Fuckin’ with a pinch of Satan”. With music they retrace the spirit of the 60s garage rock, 70/80’s punk and Desert Rock.

Among their favorite artists are The Zombies, The Buzzcocks, Motorhead, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, The Melvins, David Bowie, The Vines, Nirvana, Thin Lizzy, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, X and Devo.

“Naked” video of Dirtycakes

The video shows a game of twister with three girls and a little white dog. The images of the twister game alternate with images of Dirtycakes performing in a garage-style venue, with other people dancing and going wild.

The girls seem to have a lot of fun playing, under the eyes of singer Charley. But why the choice of this game?

The Twister is a board game that made its debut in 1966. The producing company, MB, was immediately accused of selling “sex in a box”. The game is unique and original in its genre, because the players are not pawns or puppets, but they are the same human beings! Furthermore, it provides a very evident physical contact.

Basically you have to play with two or three players at most (four is already too much). You have a carpet with colored circles and you have to place your hands and feet on the circles, weaving between you. But who decides which circles you need to touch? The fate! In the game there is a tablet with a clock hand: you have to turn the hand and the tablet will tell you which hand or foot to place and in which circle. The player who falls or leans an elbow or a knee has lost.

It is a game where fate decides your unusual positions. Everything is allowed, because one is forced. Physical contact with other players takes on very erotic connotations…

The video “Naked” by Dirtycakes is therefore full of hidden meanings connected also to the lyrics. The singer is the protagonist who sings “I’d luv to see you naked!” and turns the clock hand of the tablet, determining the moves of the girls.

The girls are three but in reality they are personifications of the same woman desired by the protagonist. The little white dog is a sort of pure element of the scene, a kind of innocent voyeur.

The twister quotes in famous films

This game never goes out of fashion and we see it also mentioned in several films.

In the movie “Son of the Mask” (2005) there is a strange twister game called “Supertwister”. Among the symbols of the tablet there are not only hands and feet, but also nose, head, ears, fingers! The two players, the villain Loki and the little Alvey, stretch their body parts into an absurd science fiction tangle.

Even the singer John Bon Jovi has ventured into a sensual twister game during an episode of 2Sex and the City” (1999, series 2, episode 13). Here he is not in the role of a singer but an actor and with him there is Jessica Parker.

In the movie “Men In Black II” (2002), Will Smith and Isabel Rosario Dawson (Laura) deal with very “human” worms. One of them pulls out a twister tablet, makes the hand spin, shouting “Twisteeeer!” and invites Laura to a game.

News and new projects from Dirtycakes

Dirtycakes just finished recording their new record at Rancho De La Luna with the legendary Dave Catching. Rancho has been the mecca for many artists over the last 20 years… producing such great records as “Songs for the Deaf” from Queens of the Stone Age, “AM” from Arctic Monkeys and of course the “Desert Sessions” series.
With a spring 2020 release date, and a music video for every song, the new record will be the biggest move the band has made yet!