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Do you know the other 2 versions of Monsoon by Tokio Hotel?

Do you remember the big hit of 2005, Monsoon by Tokio Hotel? There are three versions of this song, but perhaps you have only listened to the English one. Let’s find out the other two together.

Who are Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel pop rock band is from Germany, where it was formed in 2001 in Magdeburg.
Their debut album, “Schrei”, from 2005 contains “Monsoon”, a song with which the four members climb the charts all over the world. The band today has 10 albums behind them and the latest is “Dream Machine” of 2017.

They recently announced the arrival of the new album for 2020, as the recordings are over. Meanwhile, the singles “Melancholic Paradise”, a decidedly pop song, and “When It Rains It Pours”, where their rock soul is felt, have come out.
In this post we are going to rediscover their great success of 2005 “Monsoon” and its three versions.

The song Monsoon by Tokio Hotel

This song is originally in German and is titled “Durch den Monsun” (2005). The band then recorded an English version called “Monsoon” or “Through the monsoon” in 2007. There is also a Japanese version of the song “Monsun o koete”. The monsoon is a humid and warm wind, full of rain.

The lyrics are about a difficult time, which is like going through a storm. It can be an illness, the death of a loved one, a period of economic or family problems. Eventually, however, the protagonist knows that he will be able to reunite with his loved one.

We find “Monsoon” also in the music video games of the “Guitar Hero” circuit. The song won several awards, including best video at the TMF Awards in Belgium.

The music video for the english version of Monsoon by Tokio Hotel

The most famous is the English version of 2007, entitled “Monsoon”. The location is Cape Town in South Africa.
The band flies aboard a Bell UH-1 Huey helicopter. Singer Bill Kaulitz has long black hair with white streaks. One by one the band members jump into the sea. Then we see the singer aboard a black Cadillac limousine, intent on typing with an old typewriter. There seems to be no driver and a storm is coming on the horizon.
In the following scenes, Tokio Hotel plays outdoors and the storm hits them, dropping their instruments and equipment.

The music video for the German version “Durch den Monsun”

In the German version, dating back two years (2005), the band members clearly look younger. Bill Kaulitz has short and hedgehog hair. He sings the song in the middle of a wheat field, where there is a door with no buildings behind it. He is holding a black candle that goes out because of the wind.

Even the band finds themselves playing in the middle of the wheat field, but suddenly a storm hits them. The sky looks like a large sea. The door turns into a mirror, Bill Kaulitz sees the image of his twin brother Tom reflected and sticks his face in it. The mirror looks like a wall of water and Bill appears almost immersed.
In the final part, the band plays while the rain hits them.

The location of this video is Heideweg, near Magdeburg, near a farm. The director of the video is Sandra Marschner. For filming, Bill Kaulitz remained hanging upside down in front of a body of water.

The music video for the Japanese version “Monsun O Koete”

We have not found a real video for the Japanese version “Monsun O Koete”. The only videos uploaded by users show a video collage of the English and German versions and is made by fans. The Japanese version can still be listened to on YouTube.

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