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Don’t Cry by Guns N’ Roses: the first video of the trilogy

We return to the music videos of the band led by Axl Rose, which are real short films. This time we are going to look at the famous video for Don’t Cry by Guns N’ Roses, released in 1991.

Don’t Cry video is the first of a trilogy together with “November Rain” (which we talked about in this article) and to “Estranged”. There is a story that covers the three videos and it is inspired by the short story “Without You” by the writer Del James, a friend of the band’s members.

This video, unlike November Rain, talks about reincarnation of souls.

The many lives of Axl Rose

The beginning of the music video sees a baby with blue eyes lying on a dark red sheet. Who is this child? Axl Rose’s son? Not really: he is one of the many reincarnations of the singer! But let’s go with order.

The next scene looks fabulous: you see a black crow (which will also appear later) and Axl Rose dressed like a prince, walking in the snow in the middle of a storm. In his hand he holds a bottle of wine and a gun. He looks like a medieval man who is about to kill himself: in fact he is one of the reincarnations of Axl in the past.

Suddenly the scene changes: Axl Rose is in his house with the gun in his hand and wants to shoot himself, but the model and actress Stephanie Seymour tries to disarm him. Axl jerks her to the wall with a sharp movement.

Other scenes of ordinary life are also shown: Axl Rose and Stephanie are picnicking in a meadow when a procession of black funeral cars passes. The cars look like the ones we will see in “November Rain” video at her funeral.

In another scene she sinks into the water while holding on to Axl’s legs, but he soon re-emerges on the surface alone.

Following the scenes of jealousy of Stephanie, who punches all the girls who trying to seduce Axl.

The guitarist Slash commits suicide in a ravine

Even the other members of Guns N’ Roses do not seem to have quiet relations (in the story told by the music video). Slash is in the car with a blonde girl and voluntarily leaves the road and flies into a ravine.

The car ends up destroyed and explodes, but Slash appears playing the guitar on the top of the mountain.

In the next image Axl Rose is dressed in a hospital patient gown. In his room there is the black crow that we met at the beginning of the video. The door is flung open and another Axl Rose enters dressed with the stage outfit. A third Axl with a red jacket and jeans also enters. They are visions of his previous lives.

Axl subsequently lies in the bed of a psychologist, visibly in hysterics. The video ends with the funeral procession that first arrives at the cemetery: everyone gets out of the black cars and heads to see a tomb where… there is the name of Axl Rose died in 1990!

From there the singer reincarnates into another child and the words “There’s a lot goin ‘on” appear.

Some curiosity about the video Dont’ Cry by Guns N ‘Roses

Seems that the scene of Axl, who wants to shoot himself, is a true event between him and his previous wife Erin Everly.

Axl and model Stephanie met on the set of Don’t Cry. As you know, their story was brief but intense and ended in 1993. The model has remained in the story because she is the protagonist of the videos of this trilogy.

In the video a sign with “Where’s Izzy” appears: it refers to the singer Izzy Stradlin, guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, who left the band on November 7, 1991, to pursue a solo career. It is said that the song refers to a disputed girl between Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin (she preferred the second). The song was also written by Izzy, but he does not appear in the video, because he left before the shooting.

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