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Everybody’s Fool by Evanescence and the famous Lies drink

Everybody’s fool by Evanescence: the Lies brand in the fake world

In the music video Everybody’s fool by Evanescence the singer Amy Lee embodies a model-actress who lives a double life. She appears happy in the advertising spots of the famous (imaginary) Lies brand but in private life she is alone and in the grip of depression. The director of this music video is Philipp Stölzl, who has also shot other famous music videos: “Du Hast” and “Du Riechst So Gut 98” by Rammstein and “Sick and tired” by Anastacia.

There is nothing better than a “good” lie?

The music video starts with Amy Lee, who is shooting a pizza advertisement. With blond curls, hairstyle and clothing of the ’70s, she serves the pepperoni pizza at the table. Her mother asks her if she did everything by herself. Amy Lee thinks of it with a cheeky expression and makes believe “yes”.
The final of the spot is significant; Amy Lee reads the sentence:

There is nothing better than a good lie

The singer refers to the pizza brand “Lies” but metaphorically it indicates the sense of the song. For the mass media (TV, newspapers, web, cinema) there is nothing better than to show a fake world, where everything seems beautiful and perfect. But does this world have something true?

We see Amy Lee posing for a photo shoot with a red wig: the cover, where his images appear, recites:

How to look like someone important – Dressing like a movie star – Doing miracles

In the next spot the singer raises aboard a powerful motorcycle; this time the spot says:

Aim higher – Get louder – Be somebody

The Lies brand this time appears on a drink can. The world of consumerism makes us see, eat and drink lies.

In another commercial spot, the singer must advertise a Japanese doll with a pink helmet. The messages are:

Buy me – Love me – Own me – Use me – Sweet little lie

In the entertainment world even the feelings are bought, as if they were objects.

The second life hidden from the spotlight

The video then shows how the protagonist lives when she is not on set. We see her walking scruffy, with large dark trousers, the hooded sweatshirt that covers her head, without makeup, big boots at the feet. In the elevator she is mocked by two bigger and petulant blondes who recognize her as the famous star of the Lies spots.

In her hotel room, Amy Lee consumes her moments of madness: she takes the magazine where her photos have been published, she flicks through the magazine, rips and scribbles her image. She cuts her hair with a pair of scissors. Keeps yher breath underwater in the bathtub. She punches the mirror and shatters it, injuring her hand. She drinks a bitter antidepress medicine.

Here the images of the advertising sets change: for each set appears an emblematic word:

Crazy, Ugly, Worthless

The video ends on the terrace of a very tall building: Amy Lee screams against her giant image of a billboard that shows this words:

Follow your passion – The new fragrance of her

Will the protagonist find her true essence beyond appearances?

What is the meaning of Everybody’s fool by Evanescence

This video gives us multiple messages: we can be envious of the stars of music, cinema, TV, fashion. But in reality their life is made up of many moments of stress, psychological distress, mental and physical fatigue. They must appear for what they are not and often do a lot of things the don’t want.

In general, this short film tells us this: do not dwell on appearances, do not be envious of what others have. Maybe they are not as happy as they seem.

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