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Father Of All… by Green Day, a tribute to Elvis Presley

Father Of All… by Green Day is the first single from the band’s new album. It dates back to September 2019, followed by the songs “Fire, Ready, Aim” and “Oh Yeah!”. On YouTube it already has over 5.5 million views.

The album “Father Of All Motherfuckers” from February 2020

The single “Father Of All …” is the song that gives its name to the thirteenth Green Day album, expected for February 2020, entitled “Father Of All Motherfuckers”.

The album will not have a political theme, instead it wants to denounce the situation in which the world is facing. The songs are pervaded by a sense of depression mixed with humor and indifference. On the album cover you see a unicorn spitting the rainbow, with a gray shirt, confused eyes and a fiery tail and mane.

The quote to Guitar Man by Elvis Presley

The music video that accompanies Father Of All… by Green Day presents a clear quote to the video for “Guitar Man” by Elvis Presley.

The band shows a golden outfit and plays inside a red colored location. Behind there are black silhouettes of dancers above the scaffolding. Also in the video of Elvis Presley on the red background there are scaffoldings with musicians playing. The musicians are not seen clearly, you see only the silhouettes.

What does the video Father Of All… by Green Day mean?

In the video there are images taken from newscasts, films, cartoons and internet videos with people protesting, dancing, carrying out rebellions, military and religious actions. Some parts look very old, dating back to the last century. In many cases a black stripe obscures people’s faces.

Green Day explains that with this video they want to create a clip about the dance. Not any type of dance, but the tribal one, full of primitive energy, instincts and irrationality. However, this dance is also full of anxiety and violence.
Green Day wear golden dresses with a leopard pattern, which recall the tribal and ancestral style.

So the lyrics itself speak of the chaos in which human beings live today. At the beginning we read “there’s no one to trust” and explains that the confusion is first of all within the individual (“there’s a riot living inside of us”) and affects the outside.

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