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Find me by Kings of Leon: the extraterrestrial apocalypse begins

The music video Find me by Kings of Leon is the second video in the trilogy, which includes “Waste a moment” and “Reverend”. In the previous article we talked about the first video, “Waste a moment”, and we saw how this mystery sci-fi thriller story begins.

Find me by Kings of Leon: second chapter of the trilogy

The Kings of Leon are brought to safety by a man with long white hair, tied in a pigtail. Meanwhile, their town is prey to paranormal phenomena, with disappearances of people, sudden deaths, blackouts, power surges. These phenomena are secretly implemented by three cheerleaders in trance, taken by extraterrestrial entities.

Mysterious disappearances: is the man with the pigtail responsible?

The music video Find me of the Kings of Leon begins with the alarm launched by the TV:

More disappearances – Still no details on their whereabouts

The police believe that the person responsible for the disappearances is the man with the pigtail or however are convinced that this man knows many things. In fact one of the policemen in charge of the investigation looks at some photographs and notes that in a photo there is also a man with a pigtail. Meanwhile, the TV broadcast other news:

Entire school gone – Authors have no answer, parents in shock


Twelve more have vanished – Group has gathered to mourn those missing


Suspect wanted for questioning – Detective Leach conducting manhunt


Curfew in effect – Stay safe, stay indoors

TV as a vehicle for evil forces

People understand that the dead are linked to evil forces that travel through the nearby power plant and enter the houses through the televisions.

It is not necessary to cross the gaze of the three cheerleaders to fall to the ground. Just even watching TV. So the protesters are holding billboards with the slogan “Destroy your tv”.
How will it end? Let’s see the last chapter of the trilogy.

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