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Forever & Ever More by Nothing But Thieves and the Draculove

The song is depopulating on the radio in this period and the video is very special: we are talking about Forever & Ever More by Nothing but Thieves, song released in 2018.

There are no members of the band in the video: the only protagonist is a boy who lives hours of torment and psychological torture in a very cool seaside resort. But what is this due to his state of mind? It would seem to be a pain of love…

The video is closely linked to the lyrics, which speaks of a lightning bolt and a girl who leaves a little too much on the thorns his beloved.

A really cool seaside location: Benindorm in Spain

In the video, shot in Benidorm, Spain, we see a young man who is on vacation in a heavenly place but alone … He is Ceallach Spellman, English actor, presenter and radio speaker.

The first image is a quote from “The Giaour”, a poem by Lord Byron of 1813, which speaks of psychological tortures that make living an inner hell.

The strangeness of the protagonist of the video: human or non-human?

From the first images of Forever & Ever More by Nothing but Thieves we understand that the protagonist is not a normal person. At the beginning he is immersed in water and then he is on a boat. He is very absorbed and seems worried.

The microscopic size photograms of its moving red blood cells make it clear that it has some problem…

He goes to an hotel and orders a room: he remains slightly shocked by the crucifix at the neck of the receptionist. Then he goes to his hotel room and closes the curtains to stay in the dark. Do you understand why? If you do not understand, keep reading.

After a while he goes down to the pool, gets on a deckchair and starts looking at the half-naked bodies of the clients: he looks at the neck, the back, the chest, the legs of the people and licks his lips; we also see him biting a plum with voracity…

The strange meeting at the disco reveals the mystery

In the last part of the video he goes around the city at night, always alone. The image of the cross reappears on the top of a hill. The evening ends in a nightclub where he finds a girl with whom he has a physical approach and … they both show their teeth! They are vampires! One could also understand it from the lyrics, where it says “My little Draculove”.

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