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Ghostly Times – “The Sender”

Music Video “The Sender” – Ghostly Times

The Sender is a song about being lost and searching for faith. It’s about the moments that you’re acutely aware of time and how finite it is. Finding comfort in the unknown and living every moment to the fullest. If you’re feeling these emotions, know you’re not alone and the band hopes this song will help you.

The protagonist of the video The Sender is a particular object: an hourglass. The band was really looking for an object that could hold multiple meanings both in story, and for the viewer.

The inherent representation is meant to mislead, but is not necessarily counted out.
The hourglass is intended as a metaphor for perception, and subjectiveness inspired by a critique of our social and political climate. The way a person/group of people perceives an object or subject matter could be quite different than another and they’re often unable to see the other point of view.

For example, religion and all of the different belief systems. The stance taken on every side is stern and yet passionately different. The hourglass places a visual on how one side sees the other’s interpretation; and as the unknown tends to stand, it can be frightful.

In the end of the music video, those who see the hourglass become blind. The characters aren’t in fact blinded by the hourglass; they are perceived as blind by the opposing side. This is another metaphor rooted in the idea of opposing truths. 

We assume that if someone disagrees, they’re simply not looking at it the right way, or understanding the whole picture. In essence they’re blind to the truth. The eyes being gone are a visual representation of that thought process and the hourglass is the subject matter.