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Good ideas for Halloween in Solara by Smashing Pumpkins

Solara by Smashing Pumpkins is the new song that is circulating in this period in international rock radio and that sees for the first time the band together after the recent reunion. The music video is really impressive: a short film from which you can get interesting ideas for your Halloween outfits.

Solara by Smashing Pumpkins: the new psycho song of the US band

From the first scene we see Billy Corgan dressed in a black sweater, a white skirt and a sadomasochistic collar around his neck, which reminds us his outfit in Ava Adore.
The camera focuses on a picture with a small house and a quote from the journalist Belva Davis:

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and your reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so”

Corgan is inside a room that looks like the cell of a madhouse. There is a bird cage in which a small drone flies inside. Three pale blond girls come in, attach a chain to Corgan’s collar and take it away. The three girls seat Corgan in a chair and put a drip on him that says “TRAUMA – XXX Extreme – Vape juice” and there are strawberries depicted.

The other musicians as actors in Solara By Smashing Pumpkins

A man with a white fur and black trousers is framed: his face is covered by a Jason Voorhees mask. Among the characters in the video there is also the guitarist James Iha, who enters the scene together with a man dressed in elegance. This man vomits a black liquid inside a fountain.

James Iha washes his hands inside this contaminated fountain and dries them in the white towel, kindly offered by the man in Jason Voorhees’s mask.

Corgan and the three blondes then move to another room, where there are two men sitting at a table: one of them is the Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, the other is the guitarist Jeff Schroeder. They are playing Connect Four but using only black chips.

Corgan flees, taking advantage of a moment of distraction of his kidnappers. Along the corridor he meets two armed men dressed as clown sailors and a woman who is giving birth assisted by a doctor. Behind there is a black man, who takes notes. The doctor pretends to hold the newborn baby in his arms but he has nothing in his hand.

In another room, different people are making lamps with blue light. Another quote hanging on the wall reads:

“OPPORTUNITY You never know what’s on the other side”

Corgan’s escape from the mad house

Corgan then manages to get out of the building, which is not a madhouse but actually a simple house. When he leaves the house, however, things do not go better: madness did not linger only in his house, but also outside.
On the crystal of a car he finds another quote entitled Freedom.

A car passes by the road: a muscular, hooded man on board, like the members of the Ku Klux Clan. In an adjacent house, an elderly lady waters the plants, while a man with a leather hood cuts the hedge with a sword.

In a garden, a man sunbathes inside a rubber boat, while a child plays with burned and destroyed dolls. Along the sidewalks another man carries around three children, holding them on a leash. Then we see a boy sunbathing with the body covered by insects.

Corgan meets a group of dark metal that make a barbecue based on fish. Their clothing and makeup certainly offers us many ideas for Halloween.

Finally Corgan comes to an house: it is the same house that was seen in the shares. Enter and… do you know who finds? The three blondes and the same initial setting!

We are a body in a mind

Solara by Smashing Pumpkins is a “psychological” video: the lyrics says:

“I’m nothing but a body in my mind”

A song with cryptic meanings, but that could mean this: we always try to distinguish from others, to believe ourselves unique. But if we look at what we really are, we will discover that we are simple material bodies. It is not the mind that is imprisoned in a body: the body is a prisoner of the mind, that commands it and makes it do absurd things.

Ava Adore by Smashing Pumpkins: the orgy in the ending