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Gulliver’s story in the video Up&Up by Coldplay

The video Up&Up by Coldplay collected 174 million views in the last 3 years and it is a masterpiece of contemporary art. Coldplay’s music is defined as alternative rock and britpop and considering the imminent arrival of their next album (between the end of 2019 and 2020) we decided to give them some space in our blog.

The song Up&Up is part of the album “A Head Full Of Dreams” and saw the participation of Beyonce, Noel Gallagher and the musician and composer Brian Eno (he is the inventor of the so-called “ambient music”).

The video won the award for best visual effects at the MTV Video Music Awards. The credit goes to the two Israelis directors: Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia. Vania Heymann is famous because he worked for DJ Snake, Bob Dylan and Asaf Avidan.

Coldplay in the world of giants

The Up&Up video is a sort of overview of the history of the world, where the main problems of our planet are touched. The extinction of species, wars, pollution, global warming, the migrant emergency, poverty, civil wars.

Coldplay members have giant features, as if they were Gulliver in the city of Lilliput. Other people also have giant features, compared to other humans who are very small.

But there are not only giant men: even some animals and plants are huge and stand out on natural landscapes and cities that seem much smaller.

The environment is in a dreamlike key, surrounded by a veil of magic. The spectator seems to live a fairy tale or a dream.

This video turns life on Earth upside down. What happens if animals and humans change their habitat? In the video you can see marine animals swimming in the skies of New York. A little girl is swinging on a swing attached to the ISS base, the International Space Station. The sea water ends up in the sky and the sky ends up in the place of the sea. Eagles swim underwater and a sea turtle swims in the subway…

The techniques used to make the video Up&Up by Coldplay

You can see images of contemporary with images of old videos dating back to the first half of the last century.

The pieces of video are therefore very different from each other. Images of Coldplay playing, old movies from the early 20th century, vintage movies from the 50s and 60s, videos of cities and places taken from above. But how did they achieve these overlapping effects?

The directors used the chroma key technique (also called the chromatic key, green screen, blue screen, color key inlay).

This technique allows you to remove the background from a photo or video, keeping the subject in the foreground, and to insert a different background.

Surely it must not have been easy to even out the lights. The subject in the foreground often has a different brightness than the background. And was necessary to create the shadow of the subjects in the new background.

The buried alive in the video Natural by Imagine Dragons

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators – Driving Rain


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