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How many times does ACDC say thunderstruck in the video?

The song is very famous but there is a question that many people ask on the web: how many times does ACDC say Thunderstruck? Perhaps because behind these numbers there is something magical? Maybe subliminal messages? Let’s try to understand these secrets.

How many times does ACDC say Thunderstruck and Thunder

Meanwhile we must distinguish between the word “thunder” and “thunderstruck”.
If we look at the lyrics we find 5 times the word “thunder” and 15 times the word “thunderstruck”. But if we try to listen to the song and the video you listen these two words many times over. Let’s count togheter the two words together, spoken by both singer Brian Johnson and the choirs.

In the first minute we hear them 10 times while in the next minute 6 more times; in the third minute 4 times. We hear them 14 times in the remaining part. So in total 34! But some people say they hear them 33 times and that it is linked to the years of Jesus Christ when he died.
Is there a meaning behind these numbers? Perhaps the most spontaneous question is: why are people so interested in how many times does ACDC say Thunderstruck?

Former ACDC singer Bon Scott was almost 34 when he died in 1980 (he was found dead on February 19 and turned 34 on July 9, which is just over 4 months later) … Is this the key?

Now we give you some more information about the song and the video.

The story of the lyrics and the riff

Fans sure know this very well. ACDC is a rock band that was formed in Sydney (Australia) in 1973. The name they chose is an acronym that stands for Alternate Current – Direct Current. In fact the name of the band is represented with a lightning bolt between Ac and Dc. The name was suggested by Angus and Malcolm Young sister, Mrgaret, who read it on a vacuum cleaner.

The song Thunderstruck is included on the album “The Razors Edge” and was written by Angus Young and Malcolm Young.

The episode that offered the inspiration for the lyrics was a journey by plane. The aircraft, where Angus traveled, had to go through a violent storm and it was struck by lightning. This was the thunderstruck!

The word refers to positively frightening someone, making him awaken and shaking him up. The lyrics describe a very enjoyable trip to Texas, where the protagonists had a great time and had a party.
The riff of the song was born by mistake! The Young brothers were rehearsing and, by mistake, this riff came out.

The video of the song Thunderstruck

The location of the video is the Brixton Academy in London on August 17th 1990.
The participants of the event received a free t-shirt to wear during filming: the shirt showed the words “AC / DC – I was thunderstruck” in front of it, while the date is on the back. How much are those shirts worth? Today for sure a lot, almost as much as a suburban apartment.

During the video you can notice many inconsistencies. For example Angus Young in the early scenes plays with one hand, but in reality it was not possible to play the riff with one hand. Angus always plays with two hands during live concert. Very nice, however, the shot according to the “point of view” technique, which shows us the audience and the handle of the guitar starting from the headstock.

In some scenes Malcolm Young has a light blue shirt with buttons, in others a tank top. Angus Young wears a cap but in certain scenes he does not have it.
Another thing that you may not have noticed: the floor is transparent and the camera, that frame Angus from below, are moving underneath while doing his classic leg move!

We started with a curious question, or how many times does ACDC say Thunderstruck, and we want to end with another curiosity!

The 2004 Thunderstruck movie

The 2004 film entitled “Thunderstruck” tells the story of a group of ACDC fans.
The story is set in 1992, immediately after an ACDC concert. The young protagonists, Ben, Sonny, Lloyd, Sam and Ronnie, lose the taxi that must take them home because one of them stops to look at a poster with the image of Bon Scott, former ACDC singer who died in 1980.

Shortly after that taxi ends up in a fatal accident. They believe that Bon Scott saved them, as a guardian angel, and make a promise. The first of them to die will be buried in the cemetery where the ashes of Bon Scott lie.
Twelve years later Ronnie dies and you know how? Struck by lightning during a golf game! The other friends get together and decide to keep the promise. So with the friend’s ashes in the car, they embark on a journey to the Fremantle cemetery, where Bon Scott’s ashes were scattered.

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