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How will the end of the world be? Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun tells you

The music video Black Hole Sun by Sundgarden, the historic band of Chris Cornell (the recently disappeared rock legend) was released in 1994. Howard Greenhalgh prepared for them an absolutely original music video, which has been a great success. The music video shows you how the end of the world will be, with apocalyptic, horror, demented, disquieting and emotional impact scenes.

The end of the world as an expiation of the society’s sins

The music video begins with a desert landscape with warm tones. Four characters advance and introduce us into the climate of the end of the world: a priest, a holy-healer, an orator, a charlatan (his signboard says “The end is nigh”). This characters represent metaphors of modern society: weak, corruptible, with an easily influenced soul.

The world is going to end: what would you do?

It is the scenery of apocalyptic end of our Earth, where human beings know that they must die. And what do they do? Are they desperate? No. They continue to do the things they have always done in their daily life!

A man cuts the grass in the garden. An housewife prepares the dinner. A woman continues to put on make-up. A fitness man continues to do his gym exercises. Two old spouses watch the tv on the sofa. A girl plays the jump rope.

Two children burn the grass with a magnifying glass and torture a red cockroach. An old lady on the swing feels sick and dies ahead of time. Another girl, angry for the end of her life, tries to burn her barbie on the barbecue and contemplates the scene, licking her last ice cream. Together with the burning barbie, you can see the scenes of a blonde girl sunbathing: a symbol of useless beauty that will die along with all the other things on Earth.

On their faces, however, we notice a demented and unreal expression. It is the expression of someone who knows he must die but he also knows that everything will die: there will be no future for anyone, not even for their descendants.

What is the black hole sun?

What’s this black hole sun? When the sun arrives at the end of its star life, it will start to swell, it will become a red giant and it will explode, dissolving all the planets. After the explosion it will start to contract and become a white dwarf or a black hole.

The Soundgarden music video Black Hole Sun show us this event: the sun that explodes and becomes a black hole, that sucks everything, lifts people from the ground and destroys them… or perhaps takes them to another dimension.

This moment, when the Earth will be destroyed by the sun, is still far away but the Soundgarden tells us: try to think that it is not so far and try to live your life better!

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