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In Bring Me To Life by Evanescence … there is the Joker

Bring Me To Life by Evanescence is the best known song of the American band. On YouTube it exceeds the views of “My Immortal”, another great success of theirs which we discussed in the previous post.

The genesis of the lyrics Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

Band members Amy Lee, Ben Moody and David Hodges wrote “Bring Me To Life” in 2003.
Amy Lee said she was inspired by Josh Hartzler, who was her best friend at that time and helped her in some difficult times. Subsequently Josh Hartzler will become her boyfriend and in 2007 they will get married!

The lyrics speaks of those periods in which we survive instead of living: the hours and days pass in front of us without our realizing it and our existence is suspended in a limbo.
We care about the smallest things and we can’t see the bigger and more important ones.
Suddenly a sentence, an event, a person, makes us wake up, brings us back to life and makes us understand what we were losing. This is the meaning of the exhortation “bring me to life”.

On the web, Amy Lee tells another event that inspired her. One day she met a boy, a friend of friends, who was very good at understanding people at first sight. Exchanging a few sentences with Amy Lee, he asked her if she was happy. She had been experiencing a troubled love story for several months, which made her forget everything else. This question about happiness made her “wake up” from her torpor.

Together with Amy Lee in Bring Me To Life by Evanescence we ​​can hear the singer Paul McCoy of the 12 Stones on the male voice. They are an American christian post-grunge rock band. Among their achievements I recommend listening to YouTube on “Broken”, “Lie To Me”, “The Way I Feel”.

Bring Me To Life video

The location of the video is Romania while the director is German Philipp Stölzl. In addition to directing music videos, Stölzl is a film director and screenwriter. He also worked a lot for theater and opera.

In music for Rammstein he made the videos “Du Hast”, “Engel”, “Das Modell”, “Stripped” and “Du riechst so gut”.

For Garbage he edited the video “The World Is Not Enough”. He was the director for Madonna’s “American Pie” and for The Rasmus “In the Shadows”.
For the singer Anastacia he made the videos “Sick and Tired” and “Heavy on My Heart”.
With Evanescence he also worked for the music videos of “Everybody’s Fool” and “Going Under”.

A scene that recalls the film “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix

In the video of Bring Me To Life by Evanescence there is a scene with masked actors like clowns, reminiscent of the protesters of the 2019 Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix.

The video opens with a city very similar to Gotham City in the middle of the night. Amy Lee is sleeping in her room, in a large building. She is having nightmares and dreams of falling from above. Suddenly she wakes up and hears that the other members of Evanescence with Paul McCoy are playing in another apartment.

Like a zombie, she gets up, goes to the window, goes up to the skyscraper cornice and starts walking. She passes in front of the windows of other apartments but nobody seems to notice her.

And here comes the scene of the costume party: in one of the apartments a party is taking place. Everyone dances and wears clown masks. A blonde girl with a white and pink clown mask looks out the window, takes off her mask and she is crying.

The video closes in a rather enigmatic way: Paul McCoy sees Amy on the ledge, opens the window and makes her lose her balance. Amy falls back but hangs on the ledge. Paul McCoy tries to pull her to safety but fails and drops her. But wasn’t he supposed to “bring her back to life”?
Fortunately the video closes showing that it was just a dream.

Bring Me To life in the 2003 film Daredevil

Bring Me To Life by Evanescence is the soundtrack to the 2003 film Daredevil, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.
We can hear the song in the scene where Elektra Natchios is preparing to kill Daredevil, who is played by actor Ben Affleck. Here, too, the combination of song and scene is truly enigmatic: Elektra is about to kill the protagonist with the background of a song that asks to “bring to life”.

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