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Joker-style robbery in the video Ich Will by Rammstein

Ich will by Rammstein is a song released on a mysterious and somewhat unhappy date. In Germany it debuted on September 10th 2001 and had to circulate in radio and music TVs all over the world in the following days. But as we know the day after, 11 September 2001, the attack on the American Twin Towers took place. This coincidence meant that the single was not broadcasted, especially in America. But why couldn’t it be transmitted? Almost certainly for his music video, which seems to have predicted the sad future. In the video there is a kind of bomb that explodes during a robbery with kidnapping of people. But will it really be a bomb?

What happened to the keyboardist in the video Ich Will by Rammstein?

The video focuses on a bank robbery organized by Rammstein members. In reality it is not a real robbery for money but it is a demonstrative gesture. The video was shot in Berlin in the former building of the State Council of the German Democratic Republic. Today the European Management and Technology School is present in the building. It is also said that there are real cops in the video.

At the beginning of the Ich Will video we see them all leaving prison with handcuffs and chained to their feet. All but one, the keyboardist Christian “Doktor Flake” Lorenz, of which we see only a picture framed in old sepia style.
Meanwhile, Rammstein members make gestures of approval towards the crowd. Journalists photograph them and film them as if they were heroes. They climb up a staircase where there is the giant photo of the keyboardist and surrounded by smaller photos.

Rammstein receive an award, the Goldene Kamera. This is a prize awarded every year by the German magazine HÖRZU for television and film productions. Rammstein’s dangerous and demonstrative gesture won them a prize!
From there the flashback shows us what this gesture consisted of.

The robbery like Joker in The Dark Knight

All the musicians enter the bank wearing elegant black tuxes but their faces are covered with nylon stockings. Only the keyboard player enters with his face uncovered with a mega bomb tied to him. The bomb, more than a sophisticated ultra-modern bomb, looks like an archaic device for time travel. It could very well have been devised by Doc Brown of Back to the Future. On the other hand, the keyboard player is called Doktor!

But this scene also reminds us of the beginning of the 2008 film The Dark Knight with the Joker performing his robbery with great pomp. Did Christopher Nolan take his cue from here?

But let’s get back to the story. A blonde bank employee searches for the alarm button and guitarist Richard Kruspe makes a clumsy move to take her hand and presses the button in her place. The police are warned. Richard takes in his arms the beautiful woman who faints with fear, and starts dancing with her lifeless body, until he abandons her on the floor.
The police come along with journalists and an audience of curious people and Rammstein fans. Oliver “Olli” Riedel, Rammstein bass player, nods to Richard: everything goes according to their plans.

The band members start looking in the safe and throw the money in the air, as if they didn’t need it, continuing to terrorize the customers and employees of the bank. Shortly after they abandon their weapons, open the doors of the bank and come out unarmed, hailed by the crowd as heroes.

A bomb that doesn’t explode…

Flake remained inside the bank: the bomb marks a 10 second countdown and the word “BEREIT” (in German “ready”). When the bomb reaches zero it doesn’t explode but we see sequential images of previous Rammstein videos. Maybe Flake has flashes of his career before he died or maybe …

If you notice, Rammstein members have almost all a handicap: singer Till Lindemann has a paralyzed leg and walks with the help of a walking stick. Guitarist Paul Landers has his face burned and disfigured.
Richard has a plastic hand (the same one with which he presses the alarm button).
Drummer Christoph Schneider has a glass eye.

Oliver seems the only one physically healthy. At the end of the video, before being captured by the police, we see him taking off his shirt showing a drawing of a target on his chest.
At the end of the video there are also metaphorical, imaginary and chaotic scenes: Till holds a press conference at the end of which the journalists are all dead and covered in blood. Paul Landers drags a woman and kills her; then he goes to a guardian to kill him too.

The meaning of the video Ich Will by Rammstein

Rammstein explained that the video wants to represent two concepts. The first is the spasmodic desire of journalists and the media to have compelling stories to tell. The second concerns the bad habit of idolizing people who behaved badly and committed criminal acts.

But what would the story be like if the bomb were a time machine? Watch the video and then let us know!

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