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Keep Yourself Alive by Queen at their debut in 1973

With Keep Yourself Alive by Queen we are at the early carreer of the British band. It is 1973 and the band led by Freddie Mercury publishes their first album entitled “Queen”. Keep Yourself Alive is the first song circulating on the radio: the song is by Brian May, who wrote it a few years earlier.

For the song there are two videos in circulation. These are not real promotional music videos, because those will be born a few years later thanks to Bohemian Rhapsody (which we discussed in this post).

The first video of Keep Yourself Alive by Queen

One of the two videos of the song is directed by Mike Mansfield and resumes the band during a performance at St Johns Wood Studio in August 1973; it is an unofficial version. You can see it at this YouTube link (as long as it’s available). This is considered a second version even if it was actually shot earlier.
The images are clearly 70s as well as the band’s clothing that is very pop and almost makes them look like ABBA. Freddie Mercury is the only in white dress while the others are dressed in black. The set is very bright and colorful. At the beginning and at the end of the video the word Queen appears in vintage retro characters.

The official video for Keep Yourself Alive by Queen

The official version that we also see on the band’s YouTube channel dates back to October 1973 and in this case also proposes a live performance by Queen. This is a live performance of the “Queen I Tour”. The director is Bruce Gowers. This time the set and clothing are definitely more rock or at least more like Led Zeppelin. Freddie Mercury is wearing a beautiful black jacket with white floral decorations. The others are also dressed in black. The studio is immersed in darkness from which the band emerges.

According to some, there would be a third version of the video released a year later, in July 1974, with clips from the two previous videos and scenes from other black and white videos. We have not found official confirmation on this third video that can still be found online and also on YouTube.

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