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Land of Confusion by Disturbed: better than Genesis version?

The song Land of Confusion is a success of the 1986 British band Genesis, which the US band Disturbed reproposed in the 2006.

Disturbed have brilliantly surpassed the masters but also the Genesis produced a masterpiece, especially if we go to watch the video. Which one do you like more?

Land of Confusion by Genesis

For the creation of the video Land of Confusion by Genesis the producers used rubber puppets, those that were used a lot in the 80s and that made famous the English satirical show “Spitting Image”. These are caricatured puppets with faces of famous people or anonymous characters, always very grotesque.

In the video appear the puppets depicting Michael Jackson, Benito Mussolini, Madonna, Gheddafi, Tina Turner, Queen Elizabeth, David Bowie, Hulk Hogan, Pope John Paul and others. Even Genesis members, Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, are puppets. And there are dinosaurs as well.

You will already have understood that the video has a political-social background of denunciation. The protagonist is Ronald Regan, who is in bed with a teddy bear in his arms; near him his wife and a chimpanzee.

Regan falls asleep and has a nightmare: he has various visions of a world in the grip of chaos, with dinosaurs, marching soldiers, international re-encounters of great leaders. Regan even finds himself dressed as Superman, riding a dinosaur.

As long as he wakes up in a sweat bath: from his bedroom has two buttons, one with writing Nurse and one with Nuke and he operates the second (perhaps by mistake)!

Land of Confusion by Disturbed

The Disturbed cover of Land of Confusion arrived in 2005, a good 20 years later.
They changed a part of the lyrics: “And the sound of your laughter” becomes “In the wake up this madness”.

Even in this case the video does not see the presence of humans but is an animation. Directed by Todd McFarlane, the creator of Venom and the comics series Spawn, the video aims to be a new denunciation to the industrialized world of the 21st century, driven by money.

Protagonist is the mascot of Disturbed, The Guy, a superhero with a hood, the dark face and only a big sardonic smile.

In the video The Guy arrives on earth. He must fight against the armed forces invading cities. They are very reminiscent of the Nazis but their symbol is different: it seems a dollar symbol.

In the meantime, a sort of G8 is being held, with the great leaders of all nations. The Guy leads the rebel populations against the armed forces of the oppressors. Together with the citizens he succeeds in entering the place where the G8 is taking place and routs the politicians.

They head for the room where a giant obese businessman lives, representing the mechanism behind the modern world. The Guy climbs into the sky to take a run and swoops at high speed on the giant, causing it to explode. A large quantity of banknotes comes out of the explosion.

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