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Let’s find out the two music video Vermilion by Slipknot

Vermilion by Slipknot is part of the third album of the American heavy metal band and it is a song divided into two parts, Vermilion pt 1 and Vermilion pt 2.

The lyrics tells of the impossible love for a woman, which generates a sense of frustration, sadness and anger in the lover, making him almost a stalker.

The second part of the song is very similar to the first but you can see an ascending climax in the tones and in the situation of the lover, who feels increasingly anguished.

Where the song title comes from

For both songs there is a music video: the first was directed by Tony Petrossian and Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan, while the second was directed by Marc Klasfeld. The location for filming is Los Angeles in August 2004. The protagonist of the video is actress Jenna Bossier.

Vermilion is a bright red pigment, also called cinnabar. In the Vermilion by Slipknot it refers to contrasting elements: love, blood, anger, heart, fire.

Let’s find out how the history of the two music videos is structured, starting with the first one, Vermilion pt 1.

Vermilion pt 1 of the Slipknot

In the first video Vermilion pt. 1 the blonde protagonist is in the bed, dressed like a corpse bride: with ruffled hair, long white and ruined dress, tired eyes and smudged makeup. He gets up and starts walking in the streets of the city in a clumsy way. He appears very exhausted and destroyed. We then see her walking on the seashore: she is struck by a footprint and starts to smile, as if she had recognized the owner of the impression. But a wave of the sea arrives and erases the imprint.

The third scene sees the girl at home, while observing a green larva moving inside a glass jar. Shortly after that worm becomes chrysalis, from which comes out a flaming butterfly, that comes out of the jar and flies away.

Another scene shows the girl walking on the beach during a sunny summer day, among the umbrellas and people sunbathing. People around her always move at uncontrolled speed.

Meanwhile, he falls in the evening and she is wearing a Slipknot mask. The members of Slipknot appear, replacing their masks with other white masks. Together they start dancing.

The video continues with other scenes: the girl in the streets of the city center chases the flaming butterfly. Then she is standing on a bridge and seems to want to throw herself down. She goes to an airport and starts tearing his hair and crying.

The video ends with the girl who finds the flaming butterfly in the public gardens, collects it and seems to want to throw it off the bridge, while looking at it with a sardonic smile.

In the next post let’s see how this story continues…

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