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My Immortal by Evanescence: the 4 versions of the song

My Immortal by Evanescence is certainly one of the most popular rock ballads on YouTube. Today it has almost 618 million views. It even surpasses “Always” by Bon Jovi, which has 554 million views.
We can find four versions of this song: which of these did you listen to? Only one? The time has come to know them all!

The first version of My Immortal by Evanescence (2000)

“My Immortal” was written by three members of Evanescence: singer Amy Lee, guitarist Ben Moody, keyboardist David Hodges.
The song comes to life in 2000, when it is included in the band’s demo album entitled “Origin”. You can find it on internet by searching for “my immortal origin”. Amy Lee was 18 at the time and the sound quality of the song is not the best. However this song always has its charm!

My Immortal in the version of the album “Fallen” (2003)

Subsequently we find it in the debut album “Fallen” of 2003. It is a very unusual rock ballad with the accompaniment of the piano alone.

The “version of the band” by My Immortal (2003)

There is a third version with the final rock, which Evanescence define as “the band’s version”. This version is that of the single that circulated by radio in the same period of the album “Fallen” (2003). We can also watch the accompanying music video on YouTube.
In other words, this happened: in the same period you could listen to both the piano version found in the album and the rock version of the song that was circulating on the radio.

And if I have to give you my personal opinion, I love this rock version! Most of the song is slow and played on the piano. When Amy Lee arrives at the last verse, more or less at the minute 3.00 (when she says “But you’re still with me, I’ve been alone along it”), a tour of rock guitar begins, accompanied by drums, bass and choirs!

The fourth version of the song of 2017

But the surprises do not end there: there is a fourth version of My Immortal by Evanescence!
This version is from 2017 and you can find it in the studio album “Synthesis”. The album contains new songs, along with re-arranged previous songs, eliminating the drums and rock guitar and creating a more orchestral effect.

What My Immortal by Evanescence is about

The lyrics are about a person who has disappeared but continues to be present as a spirit near his loved ones and torment them with his memory.
Some, however, interpret the text differently: the song could speak of a finished love story, whose memory continues to remain in the mind and does not want to leave.

The song is attributed mainly to guitarist Ben Moody, who dedicated the song to his grandfather no longer alive.

The black and white video of My Immortal (2003)

The video of the song was shot in Plaça de Sant Felip Neri in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona (Barri Gòtic) on October 10th 2003. It is now 16 years old!
The shots are in black and white. The director is David Mold, famous for having directed other music videos of famous artists, such as John Newman, Blur, Brian Adams, Placebo, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Skunk Anansie, Kylie Minogue.

Below we reveal some curiosities and peculiarities that you may not have noticed.

The singer Amy Leel never touches her feet on the ground during the video. Initially he walks on the edge of a fountain, bathing his feet and hands in water. Then we see her on a scaffolding, on a white vintage car, on an iron roof, on a tree, on a telephone box.
Amy Lee looks like the “ghost” the song speaks of, the spirit that torments the soul of the living.

Guitarist Ben Mody is barefoot next to a piano. When the music starts, you can see his hands playing the piano.
In the final rock, the rest of the band appears.

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is a very old part of the city but it is truly magical and evocative. The video shoots took on a dark Gothic tone, almost like a ghost movie. Director David Mold has succeeded from that point in recovering the whole city from above.

The video has a profound meaning for Evanescence. It was shot two weeks before guitarist Ben Moody left the band forever. No one could have foreseen this abandonment but the video and the song were premonitory.
Moody wanders around the city in confusion and without a goal: the scene where he plays the piano seems really an anticipation of what was happening.

The departure of Ben Moody took place in the same October 2003. Subsequently he collaborated with various artists as a singer, song writer and musician. We saw him for example with Anastacia in the song “Everything Burns”.

The good news with which I conclude this post is that Evanescence are working on a new album, which will probably be ready in 2020.

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