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Narcotic by Liquido: the metaphor of a narcotic mind

The meaning of the video Narcotic by Liquido: love is a drug

At the first notes you can recognize it: Narcotic by Liquido is a song produced in the end of the 90s, that has remained in everyone’s mind, thanks to its riff. Liquido were born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1996, and their success was worldwide.

The lyrics refer to drugs. The text talks about cocaine and marijuana (through the reference to Mary-Jane) but the meaning is metaphorical. The song is about a man who is related to his woman as a drug addict, like he is “narcotized”.

The demented setting of the video Narcotic by Liquido

The video is really special and demented. Liquido play in the courtyard of a building with unreal contours, almost like a cartoon. The windows overlook various characters, some normal, some a little bizarre.

Each of them carries out daily activities, such as taking care of the plants, chatting from one window to the next, greeting, flirting, spying through binoculars what is happening in the surroundings.

But madness soon took possession of some of them. One begins to cut the plants with an ax, another takes a plant, takes it from the pot with the loam and throws it from the window, going to hit two men.

Another woman waters the plants but also waters the heads of those who look out the window below her, unleashing their wrath.

And then she arrives: the dark metal girl with a hedge trimmer, who begins to prune small trees and then starts to launch large objects from the window, creating worry and confusion.

Meanwhile, a platinum blonde boy with a jacket jumps out of the window: perhaps a lover fleeing from his beloved’s house, because her husband is just returned…

The metaphor: a storm of thoughts in the mind of the lover

In my opinion, the scene is a metaphor that represents the protagonist’s mind: inside his head everything happens. It can be understood as the mind of a drug addict, when he is under the influence of drugs. Or like the mind of a lover who has lost his beloved.

The windows where the characters face are the various thoughts that emerge in the mind. Happiness, indifference, sadness, anxiety, euphoria, passion, hate, rancor, fear, jealousy … A flurry of emotions due to the effect of love, which is like a drug.

At the end of the video the musicians start leavening in the air. It is the mind that abandons itself to its turbulent states and does not do anything to stop them.

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