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Open Your Eyes by Guano Apes: who are the two receptionists?

You will all remember the song: Open Your Eyes by Guano Apes. We are in the 90s and this song breaks the hits around the world, making us dance and unleash and spreading the passion for metal rock music.

The song is in English but they, the Guano Apes, are German. They were formed in 1993 in Göttingen. The singer is the wonderwoman Sandra Nasić.
Open Your Eyes is featured on their first album “Proud Like a God” in 1997.

The meaning of the video Open Your Eyes by Guano Apes

Open Your Eyes video is shot inside a hotel lobby. The Guano Apes band is performing, while an attendant vacuuming the red carpet and other guests walking back and forth.

The two protagonists are a receptionist man dressed in red sitting at his workplace and a girl also dressed as a receptionist, who is lying on a brown leather sofa.

In my view these two characters are the same person. The receptionist is the real person, who finds himself doing routine work, without creativity, without enthusiasm and passion. A job that he does only to earn his daily bread.

The girl can represent his soul that travels in the world of imagination and dreams. Or she can be understood as his second identity, the one he wanted to be. Now she is tired and lying on a sofa, almost dying and forgotten.

At one point we see the boy with lipstick on his lips, just like the one the girl has. With his hand he takes it off, leaves his gatehouse and crawls across the counter to escape, as if to abandon his physical and mental prison and go back to chasing his dreams. It is at this moment that the man opened his eyes.
The video is therefore closely related to the song.

The remake with Danko Jones

Perhaps not everyone knows that there is a remake of Open Your Eyes by the same Guano Apes and Danko Jones, on the occasion of the 20 years of the song. The result does not match the original but we invite you to watch the video here.
The video circulates on YouTube since 2017 and shows Guano Apes performing together with the singer Danko Jones, whose face appears full screen.

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