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Punchbowl Astronauts – “Uncle Sam”

Uncle Sam is the first music video of the band Punchbowl Astronauts. The band, founded by Aaron Montiel and Chris Sacco, is from Connecticut and began their musical career as a cover band, reinterpreting the songs that made the 90s and 2000s rock history great: Coldplay, Muse, The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Foo Fighters, The Police, Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Third Eye Blind, Portugal. The Man, Kings of Leon, Gorillaz.

The song Uncle Sam brings together all these influences, with the original touch of Punchbowl Astronauts, made of piano, distorted guitars, vocal harmonies and very catchy melodies that come into your head and you’ll never forget them!

Uncle Sam was recorded in October 2019 at Eastside Sound Recording Studios in New York and designed by Grammy Awards-winning Fran Cathcart.

The publication took place in February 2019 and on the cover you can admire a work by the illustrator Emily Cole. In May the band saw the entry of drummer Alex Hayowyk and from July 4 the music video is circulating online.

Punchbowl Astronauts are working on other songs that will be released in the coming months. Meanwhile, let’s find out more about Uncle Sam’s official music video.

Uncle Sam official video by the Punchbowl Astronauts

The video alternates scenes of the band playing in a garage with scenes from an ordinary life story.
The protagonist of the story, personified by the singer, seems to be a businessman or a politician, who is forced to stay away from his family because of work commitments.

Life for him is particularly stressful and we see him during a nervous breakdown that grabs everything around him and throws him away, including a very heavy office chair. The end result is the office destroyed.

Immediately he runs away and thinks of committing suicide by jumping off a bridge. But while he is about to make the gesture, something holds him back, perhaps a music that comes from far away.
To understand where the music comes from, the protagonist must travel a railway tunnel, at the end of which we see a light.

Once out of the tunnel he has a vision of his family, hugs his wife and cries. But soon the image disappears, giving way to reality: a girl is playing the acoustic guitar sitting on a bench. The protagonist approaches and asks if he can play and she hands him the guitar and while he begins to compose the first notes, a serene and happy expression appears on his face.

Dream or reality? An ending open to possible interpretations

Here the video is open to several possible interpretations: perhaps the protagonist actually committed suicide by jumping off the bridge and what he is experiencing is the life after death, with the tunnel scene leading to paradise. This hypothesis could be connected with the initial scene where the man is inside a cemetery and looks at a tomb.

Or maybe the protagonist has suffered a serious loss: he has lost his wife and daughter and he is greatly upset: he goes to the cemetery and looks at the tomb of his family and from there he begins to have visions. In this case the tunnel with the music coming from the bottom could be a metaphor: the music is something magical and divine, an open door which allows the world of human beings to communicate with paradise…