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Reckless by Lacuna Coil and the journey into the subconscious

The video Reckless by Lacuna Coil was released last September and has already exceeded one million views on YouTube.
They are an Italian gothic metal band active since 1994. They have already produced 9 studio albums. Their last masterpiece is titled “Balck Anima” with the Century Media Records label.
The album “Black Anima” was released last October 2019, accompanied by the singles “Layers of Time” (July 2019), “Reckless” (September 2019) and “Save me” (October 2019).

The gothic horror video Reckless by Lacuna Coil

In this post we talk about the video “Reckless”, created by Roberto Saku Cinardi, who also edited other videos of Lacuna Coil: “Layers of Time” (2019), “End of Time” (2012), “I Won’t Tell You” (2010), “Spellbound” (2009). Roberto Cinardi has also collaborated with many artists of the Italian music scene, including Casino Royale, Verdena, Piero Pelù.

Conceptually, there is a link between the videos and lyrics of Layers of Time and Reckless. The location for the filming is also the same, namely Villa Arconati in Bollate (Lombardy, Italy). This villa has hosted other music videos in the past: “Torna a casa” by Måneskin and “Twilight” by the Korean group Oneus.

The video “Layers of time” exclusively shows the band that plays and it is a truly overwhelming and shocking song. Reckless is more catchy and makes us immerse ourselves in a true story, in a disturbing and obscure frame, typical of a psychological horror film.

The hypnosis session turns into a nightmare

The initial scene shows a red-haired girl dressed as a student with a brown leather backpack on her shoulders. She enters a room decorated in the 1920s style. A lady gets up from her desk and welcomes the girl. It seems that the woman is a kind of psychoanalyst and wants to give the girl a hypnosis session.

In fact, she invites the little girl to lie down on the sofa and to close her eyes. The journey into the world of the subconscious begins.
In the depths of her soul the young girl has to deal with the nightmares of her life that take human form.

An old man with a shady and decadent appearance is motionless in a chair.
A dead man lies on the ground, with scars on his chest: perhaps he underwent an autopsy but soon after we see him return to life. Another man has shards of glass stuck in his face and tries to take them off.

Suddenly the little girl floats in the air as possessed by a spirit and you see other scenes with hooded men arranged in a circle. They are very reminiscent of the scene in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”.

There is a guy in front of a TV that does not receive a signal: he starts removing his nails and sucking his fingers. In the end the location changes: we are no longer inside the villa but outside in the garden and we see a woman without clothes with a huge breast. In this video there are also Lacuna Coil, surrounded by hands that want to drag them into the darkness.

The end of one nightmare is the beginning of another

The journey into the subconscious ends when the child sees herself in the mirror and she is a monster. At that point she wakes up and embraces the psychoanalyst, who however looks into the camera with an evil look. So the nightmare has become real?

The lyrics and the video are linked. The song invites you to go against your limits, to seek freedom and not care about others. Overcoming our own borders also means facing our fears. In front of them we are like children and even those who seem to want to help us (the psychoanalyst) actually only seek their own interest.

After this spectacular video we look forward to the “Save me” video.

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