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Reverend by Kings of Leon: who is the time traveler?

Music video Reverend by Kings of Leon begins with a flashback that explains the whole story. In the previous posts we described the events of the other two videos of the trilogy, “Waste a moment” and “Find me”.

Reverend by Kings of Leon: at the origins of the story

Extraterrestrial entities have taken possession of the body of three cheerleaders, who have started abducting some inhabitants and killing others. They only need to use their gaze to bring down a person and kill. They also use the nearby power station to transmit signals through private TV: it is enough for a person to be in front of the TV screen to be killed instantly.

In the story there is also an old man with a pigtail, who is suspected by the police to be the author of the disappearances. Nobody, on the other hand, is suspicious of high school girls. This pigtailed man rescued members of the band Kings of Leon, covering their eyes with bandages.

The extraterrestrial object fallen from space

The video “Reverend” shows us what happened at the beginning of the story: a kind of luminous sphere comes from space and falls into the woods of an American town. Cheerleaders are aware of what happens while they are outdoors doing gymnastics. Two of them decide to go and see what that bright object is and find it in the woods. The energy of the object contaminates them irremediably and takes possession of their bodies. The girls start making slaughter. Panic breaks out on the news:

This could be the end – objects from the sky near local high school

Policemen are studying the case. Meanwhile, a special team arrives with anti radiation suits and goes to inspect the object but is still killed by the energy of the object.
Even the Kings of Leon are busy helping the local population. They prepare their pickup truck with the loudspeakers and they go around to sound the alarm, explaining do not have to watch TV.
The final scenes show the man with the pigtail walking through the woods looking for the extraterrestrial object. When he finds it, he pulls out the metal tube that throws red light beams (we saw it in the first video) and implements a shift of time, returning to the initial moment, when the object had not yet fallen.

Who the man with the pigtail is

The man with white hair gathered in a pigtail is surely a time traveler. If in the previous two music videos you could think that he was the old policeman (in fact both have a pigtail and light eyes), in this last video you understand that he is … Caleb Followill, the singer of the Kings of Leon ! In fact, in the last scene we see the faces of Caleb and that of the old man, and both have the same brown clasp around their necks. So Caleb as an old man had returned to the past to warn his young ego of the impending massacre and help him save his city.

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