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Richard Archer protagonist in the Cash machine videos

Richard Archer in the new versions of the music video “Cash Machine”

In the previous article we talked about the first video of the song Cash machine by Hard-Fi, made with a reduced budget but managed really well. Now let’s see the other two videos produced when the band started to succeed. The handsome singer of the band, Richard Archer, stands in both videos.

The second most artistic and highly appreciated video on TV

The second music video of Cash Machine song was directed by Dougal Wilson and is the most broadcast on TV, because there are no scenes of violence with firearms as in the first video and not even sexy scenes as in the third.

It is a video that describes the lyrics metaphorically. Richard Archer is lining up at an ATM. Near him a clochard complains and other people waiting. His turn comes to withdraw the money but he discovers that his banck account is in red. As he leaves, we can see what is behind the slot, from which the cash out of the ATM… There are some small men dressed as dirty and sweaty workers, who push the money outside.

Among these men there are Richard Archer and the other Hard-Fi. Their task is to follow all the stages of money creation, from cutting trees, to printing banknotes, to the disbursement of money through ATMs. All while on the walls the paintings with Queen Elizabeth stand in pompous dresses: Archer looks at her with great resentment and anger.

At the end of the video the workers organize an insurrection and make the factory explode. The scene moves from that metaphorical place to reality: Richard Archer arrives at the ATM but it is out of service and he exclaims the usual “Oh knickers”.

A version with hot tones for the third video of Cash Machine

The latest video of the song Cash Machine, directed by Ben Crook, is always very enigmatic and suggestive. Here the protagonist is a 10-pound banknote with the face of Queen Elizabeth. Its path is followed from when Richard Archer withdraws it at the ATM and delivers it to a friend.

Let’s try to understand what happens to its: Richard’s friend goes to a pub and pays a drink with the banknote. The bartender pays a gangster boss with the banknote at a pub table. The boss then delivers the banknote to another man with a red wallet. This goes away but he runs into a wallet thief, who slips it out of his pocket without his noticing. She delivers the red wallet to her boss, who goes to a night to look at the strippers.

In the night you can see nude scenes and that’s why YouTube will ask you to log in to watch the video. One of the strippers receives the banknote inside the panties, which is withdrawn in the dressing rooms by the owner of the night. The owner uses the bill to suck up the drug. Released from the night, he loses the banknte from his pocket, while pulling out a handkerchief. Richard Archer finds the banknote passing by and collecting it …

In short, now you just have to watch the three videos and choose your favorite!

Three music videos for Cash Machine by Hard-Fi

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