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Rock Ballad Compilation: Top 20 greatest rock songs 90s

We open the new page dedicated to playlists with a rock ballad compilation of the top 20 most beautiful slow rock songs of the 90s.

What you will find in this rock ’90 Ballad Compilation

Nirvana with two songs from their MTV Unplugged in New York couldn’t miss in this rock ballad compilation. “The man who sold the World”, which is a cover of David Bowie, and “Where did you sleep last night”, which is always a cover but of a traditional song of American folk music of the early 1800s.

With Bon Jovi we didn’t want to be too trivial and we preferred “Bed of Roses” to the beautiful but discounted “Always“, which we also discussed in this article.

Even with Metallica we didn’t want to be trivial and instead of “Nothing else matters” we rediscovered the song “The Unforgiven”. Same choice for Guns N’Roses. We really appreciate “November Rain” and we have also done a post for it, but we have chosen for this compilation “Don’t Cry“.

We could not miss the Queen with two songs released posthumously and also many other famous names, Oasis, The Verve, Green Day. We were undecided on “Ode to my family” by Cranberries, simply because it is so beautiful that every time we listen we put ourselves to cry! Does it do the same thing to you too? If you have suggestions, write to us.

If you click on the link of each song you can listen to it on YouTube. If instead you want to listen to the whole playlist, you can click on FULL PLAYLIST and the link takes you back to the Music Video Meaning playlist on YouTube.

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