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Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold – “Easy Prey”

Easy Prey” is the first music video release by Canadian rock duo The Truth Untold, composed by singer/guitarist Rose Cora Perry and drummer Tyler Randall. The song is from the band’s forthcoming debut EP album “Other Side of the Story”.

Rose Cora Perry is one of the leading artists in the Canadian Indie Rock scene. Her rock sound is inspired by the likes of Aerosmith, Chris Cornell, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana, Hole, Alanis, The Rasmus and The Pixies. 

In March 2019 The Truth Untold released this video via Youtube. 

“Easy Prey” was directed by Rose Cora Perry and videographer Emanuel Benyamin. It is the story of virtual reality addiction, with imaginary characters and hallucinations in a dark gothic style.

The story of Easy Prey video by Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

The initial scenery of the video is gray and gloomy, during the autumn season. On the ground you see ribbons used by forensic police at crime scenes.

The singer is intent on taking selfies. The protagonist wants to immortalize herself at the scene of a crime: a gesture that many people dependent on social media are used to making in the most inappropriate of occasions.

She sees a threatening figure on the screen of her phone, but it is too late: he grabs her and covers her mouth with one hand. She squirms but can’t do anything to escape. She is taken to a kind of laboratory, where we see her tied to a chair and blindfolded together with drummer Tyler Randall.

Next to them, there is a blonde doctor with white shoes who gives them medication. She then puts a folded card in each of their hands where “YOU” is written.

The following scene show how the drummer’s abduction happened: he is in an isolated alley and he is scrolling endlessly on his smartphone. While walking, he bumps into a woman (the doctor of the laboratory) and her bag falls to the ground, overturning the contents: you see the white shoes, the medication, the glasses, rope and notepad. The drummer continues walking without helping the doctor.

Suddenly, the drummer receives a call from a “Private Number” but he does not have time to answer. Behind him the kidnapper puts a hood over his head, then takes him away.

The video then returns to the laboratory and we discover what is written inside the folded cards. In that of the singer it is written “OR him?” while the drummer’s says “OR her?”, which can be interpreted as an exhortation to leave the virtual world of social media and to turn to other people in the real world.

As soon as the singer and the drummer read the cards, they tear them and throw them away. Rose Cora Perry manages to free herself and strikes the doctor in an attempt to escape.

Suddenly, the scene returns to the woods: the protagonist sees that the kidnapper had never existed. She picks up her phone from the ground and deletes the photo she took at the crime scene that was posted on Instagram.

The drummer too finds himself returned to the alley. He puts the phone away and sees the doctor: he decides to help her collect her things.

The meaning of the story in the video Easy Prey

The video shows the consequences of attachment to social networks: the protagonists are constantly connected to the virtual world but disconnected from reality. Even if they live in the virtual world, their actions have consequences in the real world but they don’t realize it. Only a dream experience (indeed nightmare), a kind of hallucination, makes them understand how to get out of that mental prison.

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