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Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold – “Rolling in the Deep”

After analyzing Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold’s music video for their original track “Easy Prey“, we are now going to dissect their cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep“.

Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold’s version of “Rolling in the Deep” begins similarly to the original with a driving beat and delicately sung lyrics, but once the band’s rock arrangement kicks in, it creates a very different song experience.

The video was released on July 23 and it is the second single from the band’s forthcoming debut EP “Other Side of the Story” (2019). The band’s music video is inspired by Adele’s but with numerous elements that make it a quasi “original short film”.

The story of “Rolling in the Deep” video by Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Initially, we see singer/guitarist Rose Cora Perry sitting on a chair dressed in funeral attire, with a small black veil partially covering her face.
She is inside a house that seems abandoned. The furniture is covered with nylon sheets and the light is suffused, giving it almost a haunted house atmosphere.

In the original Adele video, there are hundreds of glasses next to each other that clink to the sound of the drums. Instead, here we see a single glass half-filled with water that vibrates to the beat and an old cathode-ray tube TV that is turned on but does not display any channels, as if it has lost its signal.

Suddenly, the television shows various images: the chair where the singer was sitting is empty; along with drummer Tyler Randall and Rose Cora Perry, this time armed with a guitar, performing inside the house.

The scene then moves into a bright room, where a woman dressed in white is conducting a psychotherapy session with the singer. Rose Cora Perry lays on the therapist’s couch in an elegant red dress.

Unlike Adele’s video, Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold’s version relays a story that is closely linked to the meaning of the lyrics.

The two versions we see of the singer – the first in the funeral dress and the second in the red evening gown – represent two phases of life.
The singer in the red dress represents a past life that experienced a tortured love. A love that made her suffer, left her with scars: for him it was just a “game” but she had built her future around him. The psychologist’s room represents a scene of purification – an attempt to escape that phase of her life.

The version of the singer in the funeral attire celebrates the end of that tragic romance story.
In fact, in the last scenes we see the singer again dressed in red, but she seems ghost-like and dissolves in the air. Then, the psychologist abruptly turns off the TV indicating that tale has been concluded for good.

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