Rusty Vega – “Like That”

Music Video “Like That” – Rusty Vega

Music video “Like That” by Rusty Vega tells the story of the band in an epic and surreal way, using eleven famous scenes from movies and music videos.

The story that runs through the video is a bit autobiographical: the band records a video with a performance of their own and sends it to a record producer. 

But he, after looking at the videotape, starts laughing and throws it away. The videocassette, pursued at various stages, ends up in the hands of a boy who decides to look at it and … becomes crazy!

How the idea of the “Like That” video was born

The initial idea was to shoot a video that reflected the band’s philosophy, which is therefore fresh and self-deprecating. 

Rusty Vega together with their friend and director Alessandro Cavestro decided to recreate scenes from famous films and then this idea turned to the idea of recreating scenes of famous music videos.

The intention was to honor the videos seen during childhood and adolescence, on MTV, All Music, Rock TV etc.

Initially the band selected some scenes to be redone and in the meantime thought of the frame in which to insert them: hence the idea of the VHS discarded by the producer and found by the boy.

Some of the 11 famous film and video quotes

You will already have guessed that the reference is to the movie The Ring, but in the course of the video there are other quotations: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen, Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve, Coffee & TV – Blur, Rocco Siffredi and advertising of chips, Satisfaction – Benny Benassi.

“The history of the cassette comes from The Ring – explain Rusty Vega – but it was not a deliberate quote, as well as that of Believer by Imagine Dragons. We needed scenes for the various All wanna do is like that and we thought it would be nice to punch Ale in the face! “

How the name “Rusty Vega” was born

The name Rusty Vega was born casually: Alessandro and Federico decided to combine two words that were good together, regardless of their meaning. After arriving at “Rusty Vega”, they realized that vega in Spanish means “fertile plain”, while rusty means rusty. The expression was therefore suitable to describe the place where they live: a territory with a fertile plain that today is a little backward from the economic point of view.

Musical influences

Federico and Alessandro have many common tastes, especially with regard to the British rock universe of the 90s/2000s, with musicians like Blur, Oasis, Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Slaves, The Cure, U2.

But even hard rock is a source of inspiration, especially with Led Zeppelin, whose sounds were then taken up by artists such as Wolfmother or Jack White. Other artists that inspired them are The Hives, Beck and Rage Against The Machine.

The rock of Rusty Vega, however, has a characteristic: “An unexpected influence in our music is traceable in the dance of the 90s/2000, which is imprinted in our youthful provincial imagery made of tagadà and bomboogie. We are rockers born in the Italian province of the early 1990s and we sincerely hope this fusion is felt in our songs. Even if our music is totally analog, in the sense that we don’t use any kind of base or other instruments besides drums and guitar.”

The band’s guitarist, Alessandro Berto, is a fan of metal bands like Metallica, Pantera, System of a Down, as well as the Californian punk of NOFX and Offspring.

Drummer Federico Pavanello claims to have fairly heterogeneous tastes and, in addition to the rock scene, he has always followed and loved the dance/edm world, both as a listener and as a producer.

Future projects

The band will soon return to the studio and will work with producer Pablo Davilla. The tracks are ready and an EP with five songs will come out, through which the two musicians intend to communicate their way of understanding rock and all their musical influences.

For info and live dates you can contact Rusty Vega at this email address