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Skunk Anansie and their new video What You Do For Love

The song was released in July 2019 and you will surely hear it on the radio: What You Do For Love by Skunk Anansie received a surge in ratings between August and October of this year.

The style is the classic one of the British band and from the title one would expect a love song. Instead Skunk Anansie wanted to give the song a political meaning. “You” in the title does not refer to normal people who are willing to make sacrifices for another person.
That “You” refers to politics, which uses words like love, benevolence, rights, altruism, brotherhood. But behind these words politics hides instruments of violence and repression and justify the war with them.

What You Do For Love music video by Skunk Anansie

The music video does not refer to the meaning of political denunciation of the song.
The images in the video are monochrome in opaque blue hues. The video traces a series of moments of life of Skunk Anansie, from the recording of the song in a London studio, to the European live tour 25LIVE@25. On stage we see some footage made by Skin with a camera placed on her microphone.

The Skunk Anansie celebrate 25 years old

Now you are wondering: why is the name of the European tour 25LIVE@25? The most enthusiastic fans surely know it: 25 are the years of musical activity of the band.

These 25 years were not at all easy for Skunk Anansie: we remind you that the band remained separated from 2001 to 2009. In this period we saw the solo albums of the leader Skin (Fleshwounds and Fake Chemical State).

The celebrations of the first 25 years of Skunk Anansie began in January 2019 with the publication of the live album. This album bears the same name as the tour, 25LIVE@25.

In recent months the group announced that they are working in the studio and we hope to be able to hear some new hits soon!

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