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Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators – Driving Rain

In these months you will surely have heard “Driving Rain” from Slah ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. Based on their album “Living the Dream”, the song has a static 4:11 minute video on YouTube with very beautiful images: a colorful skull with star-made eyes, wearing a black top hat, surrounded by smiley faces.

The video, published in July 2018, now has over 2 million views. After two months the band gave us a new video, no longer static but animated.

The new animated video of Driving Rain by Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

Slash said the band wanted an ironic but dark and disturbing video. They were inspired by the puppets of Stoopid Buddy Studios, producer of animated series like Hot Streets of Adult Swim, Robot Chicken, SuperMansion of the streaming service Sony Crackle, Buddy Thunderstruck of Netflix.

The Stoopid Buddy studio was thrilled to collaborate with Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators and the result is amazing.

The dark story of the video directed by Stoopid Buddy

The protagonists of the video Driving Rain from Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators are rag dolls, a man and a blonde woman. The band is also represented as puppets while playing on a mountain.

The two protagonists are at home arguing heavily: the puppet man is an unpleasant drunkard and always ready to raise his voice.

The woman puppet is saddened, calls a friend and together they start to make raids with an off-road red jeep.

The two women go out of town, to a place lost in nature. The blonde puppet burns the photo of her with her boyfriend and then sets off again for the reckless journey.

As soon as the boyfriend notices the lack of the keys, he gets angry heavily, leaves the house and starts looking for the blonde woman (or maybe his off-road vehicle).

After a grueling run, he finds a piece of the burned photo.

Soon he finds the two women in the jeep: he runs at the same speed as the off-road vehicle and with a leap he sticks to the back! A surreal scene from action movies.

The two women lose control of the vehicle and fall to the ground, while the off-road vehicle flies off a cliff with the man behind it.

The images of the red jeep flying over the band are in slow motion: the car ends up crashing, causing an explosion. The two women look at each other and laugh happily!

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