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Snuff music video of Slipknot: why does Corey become a woman?

From the title you expect a heavy metal song in the style of Slipknot and instead it is not! Snuff is one of the most beautiful rock ballads in the history of music, with a text that really touches your soul. But what does the term mean and what does the music video talk about?

What is the meaning of Snuff

What does “snuff” mean? Snuff is a verb that indicates a slow extinction, but also the smell related to tobacco. In the cinematic field, it identifies a type of amateur video, in which a victim suffers physical torture, until death.
Which of these meanings is contained in the Slipknot song? We can probably consider them all: Corey Taylor, the singer of the Slipknot who wrote the song, wants to describe the state of mind that takes you after the end of a love story, when a person abandoned you for no reason.

This condition leads you to shut down slowly, to destroy you; snuff is also the strong sigh you make when you have a weight in the soul, when a memory oppresses you, like the breath of those who smoke tobacco. Or you can think of this condition of sadness as a snuff movie, where your soul is tortured continuously without respite.

Note that the word “snuff” never appears in the lyrics.

The story of the music video: Corey chases his beloved

The music video begins with an amateur shot where a woman asks Corey Taylor

“What am I gonna do with you?”

And he replies smiling:


The man was completely abandoned to the woman, he would do anything for her.
In the next scene Corey is smoking leaning on a pole. He sees a car coming and a blonde woman comes down and heads into The Langham Apartments in Los Angeles. He follows her and enters her room. In the meantime she does not seem to notice him, she undresses and enters the bathroom. He watches her all the time, sniffs his glass of red wine leaning near a skull, lies on the bed, watching the amateur video (the same you saw at the beginning of the music video). Then she comes out of the bathroom, dresses and goes away.
Did he imagine everything?

The final twist: she is him

He puts down the glass of red wine: it is empty. The music stops. You can hear a male voice:

I promise!

Then a female voice:

No, I want you to promise that you’ll never let go … That you’ll never let go …

Then the scene focuses on the singer who breaks the glass: the promises made by her (although in reality the voices are reversed) have been broken.

Then suddenly you see Corey Taylor dressed as the blonde woman! What does it mean? It means that she marked him deeply, that he became like her and can no longer forget her. Who is this woman who changed him so much? Many say that she is his ex-wife, who helped him get out of alcoholism and then left him.

After the divorce from his ex-wife, a mourning hit the band: the drug-related death of bassist Paul Gray. Since then Corey says that the song is for him.

Curiosity: directly from A Clockwork Orange

The third protagonist of the story is the porter, who follows all the events from the beginning to the end. Do you know who this actor is? He is Malcolm John Taylor (aka Malcolm McDowell), british actor, who starred in Stanley Kubrik’s A Clockwork Orange (1971)!

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