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Something Human by Muse: tribute to Back to the Future

Something Human by Muse is the new single released in July 2018. The music video is the continuation of the video Thought Contagion, we talked about in this article. This time Muses propose us a song with warm and sentimental rhythms but the video has nothing romantic. It is a tribute to films and television productions related to travel in the future!

The announcement of the new album Simulation Theory

The video begins with an evocative scenery: the Californian mountains at dawn and in the foreground a human skull with a crest of hair. Matthew Bellamy standing near his red Lamborghini looks at the landscape … with a virtual reality viewer. He’s wearing the clothing from the last scene of Thought Contagion music video.

What is the virtual reality viewer connected to? Nothing too sophisticated, indeed. It is an old VHS videocassette player from which Bellamy extracts a videotape titled “Simulation Theory”. This is the name of the forthcoming Muse album due out in late 2018.

Bellamy inserts the videotape in a case that bears the words “Retrograde video”. He climbs aboard his Lamborghini and rushes through the deserted streets until night. The license plate of his car is DRKSIDE, which stands for Dark Side.

The pursuit with the police car

Suddenly a police car intercepts him. And do you know who’s on board? The other two members of Muse, bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard. To stop Bellamy’s race, Chris Wolstenholme uses a special bazooka: this weapon creates a deviation of space-time, which makes Bellamy’s car turn 180 °.

The two cars face each other in a clash; 4 individuals, dressed in a space suit, is whatching the clash. But this frontal collision will not be there. Bellamy presses a button and flies in a dimensional tunnel made of 3D geometric elements.

The Doctor Who phone box

From there he passes into another scene: the landscape is apocalyptic. There is nothing around Bellamy and his car, except a small videocassette distributor (in Blockbuster style) called Retrograde Video. Bellamy inserts the videotape in this distributor, which lights up. A beam of light from the sky hits Bellamy. The moon appears and his eyes turn red, then he is lifted off the ground and turns into a werewolf. If you remember, at the end of Thought Contagion video Bellamy is already half a werewolf.

Suddenly a phone booth materializes, as used by Doctor Who to travel in time. Inside there are the drummer and the bassist who start looking for Bellamy. Bellamy hits Wolstenholme and he falls to the ground. Bellamy flees aboard the Lamborghini; first, however, he invests the telephone booth: so he destroys the vehicle to travel in time for the two “policemen”.

The ending is enigmatic: two werewolf hands grasp Dominic Howard; they are Chris Wolstenholme’s hands, who turned into a werewolf after the attack by Bellamy.

Quotes from famous films and television series

In Something Human by Muse there are many famous movie quotes. The reference to Back to the Future with the car that makes travel in time is evident. The car is very similar to the Delorean, the vehicle used by Emmett “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox).
The telephone booth that allows to travel in time is similar to that used by Doctor Who.
The transformation in werewolf recalls Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video and also the television series Teen Wolf. There are also references to Tron, a science fiction film by Walt Disney released in 1982, and to his sequel, Tron Legacy (2010).

What is the number 213,340,5057 that appears at the beginning?

At the beginning of the video a billboard shows this writing: City limits POP. 213,340,5057. It would seem to indicate the number of inhabitants (POP stands for population) of that area. On the web several sources say it corresponds to a telephone number 2133405057 of Los Angeles. If you try to call it, you hear an automated voice that reads Something Human’s lyrics!

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