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Starset – My Demons: demons are messages from the future

A fantastic song by a newly formed group: My Demons by Starset. They are an American band that makes alternative rock music. The group was formed in 2013 and has two albums: Transmission (2014) and Vessels (2017).

Starset – My Demons: millions of views from the network

If you try to find the song on Youtube, you will get different results with millions of views. They have more views on the videos posted by fans than the official music video! But today I want to talk to you about that.

The music video My Demons starts showing us the period in which it is set: 2047. We are therefore in the future, even if not far away.

An astronaut on a mission in space walks in an arid and desert environment. It’s a red-colored landscape. Is it Mars, the red planet? One detail leaves another interpretation open: the astronaut does not seem to be affected by extraterrestrial gravity. So is it our Earth in 2047, reduced to a desert?

The message “Its time … prepare the message” appears. The astronaut must prepare a message, perhaps for help, but for whom? Can not go back?

He tries to send this message but “Signal lost” appears. He believes that the message was not sent but someone received it. Then we read “Entering the dark zone”: this dark zone is perhaps the phenomenon that allows the time travel of the message.

A jump in 2013

The scene then moves to 2013: we are in the Allen Telescope Array, where the doctor Stephen Browning is in a base of aerospace studies. Suddenly the message of the lost astronaut appears on the screens! Dr. Browning thinks he’s crazy and runs away, gets in his car and the image of the astronaut appears on the screen of his on-board computer.

The message of My Demons comes to Nikola Tesla

This message travels much further back, in 1911 and arrives at Nikola Tesla. The famous scientist is working in his Wardenclyffe Tower, an aerial tower for wireless transmission. Through this tower, Nikola Tesla conducts studies on broadcasting, on wireless telephony, on the transmission of energy over the air.
The name derives from James S. Warden, a rich lawyer and banker who subsidizes Tesla’s studies.

Nikola Tesla receives this message and understands that it comes from the future! This episode really happened: Tesla tried to capture extraterrestrial signals and one day he believed he had received one.

The music video then shows a discussion between Tesla and Warden, in which Tesla asks for more funding for her project. But Warden does not believe in his studies or anyway he does not find anything interesting and refuses him more money.

Who are the demons?

The music video My Demons by Starset shows us three different epochs, three different situations where the demons in the minds of the three characters are equally strong.

The astronaut is in a dangerous space mission where he risks his life and he is alone. The professor thinks he is crazy because he has visions. Nikola Tesla is sure of what he has discovered but sees that nobody understands it.

These are the three worst demons! Being alone, thinking of going crazy and seeing that nobody believes you…

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