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The 4 best Wonderful Life cover rock songs

Have you ever heard of Black’s Wonderful Life cover rock songs? You have probably heard many non-rock versions and here I present four decidedly different versions, which you may not know.

The song Wonderful Life by Black

The song Wonderful Life is very famous, it is a melancholic ballad dating back to the 80s. The artist is Black, a stage name for Colin Vearncombe. Originally from Liverpool (United Kingdom), he disappeared in 2016 due to the consequences of a serious traffic accident. He was a very active musician in the field of music, having 12 albums from 1987 to 2009.

Currently his Facebook profile is commemorative but you can follow his Facebook page which is still active. He also has a website

The Wonderful Life music video is in black and white and the filming locations are Southport in Merseyside and New Brighton in Wallasey. We also see the Looping Star roller coaster in the Pleasureland amusement park and the Galleon fairgrounds.

The covers of this song are many. Let’s find out the 4 best cover rock songs of this worldwide success.

The 4 best Wonderful Life cover rock songs

1. Hyperchild – Wonderful Life

Hyperchild was a German band, currently no longer active, who wrote songs in English. But their 2000 cover of Wonderful Life made them famous all over the world. The music video was shot on the roof of a house in Berlin’s Moabit district. We can see it on YouTube in suboptimal quality, because uploaded by a fan. Or you can only listen to the audio in higher quality. We also included this version in our top 25 of the most beautiful rock covers of all time.
However, today the singer Axel Bosse is active as a solo artist and has produced 7 albums from 2005 to 2018.

2. Heaven Rain – Wonderful Life

Heaven Rain are a progressive metal rock band. They were born in 2006 in Bosnia, on the idea of ​​keyboardist Goran Baštinac. The debut album, “Far and Forever”, is from 2008. On YouTube you will find the audio of the cover.

3. Badass – Wonderful Life

Badass are an Italian power rock band founded by bassist Alberto Rigoni. The other members are Stefano “Stex” Sbrignadello (vocals), Albert “Marshall” Biason (guitar), Denis Novello (drums). This version of Wonderful Life dates back to 2014. The location of the music video is a car cemetery.

4. Carrion – Wonderful Life

Carrion were born in 2003 in Radom, Poland. They started their career playing live. Afterwards in 2007 they released the album “Carrion” with the record label MJM Music PL, followed by “El Meddah” (2010), “Sarita” (2012), “For Idei” (2014).
Their version of Black’s song is very “guttural” and their Eastern European accent can be felt. It is contained in the first album of 2007.

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