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The 4 things you did not know about Bon Jovi’s Always music video

We all know the song but did you watch the music video carefully? Here are the 4 things you did not know about Bon Jovi’s Always music video.

Bon Jovi’s Always music video: a rock ballad focused on bad romance

The female protagonist is Carla Gugino, who starred in several films and television series. Her antagonist in the music video is Keri Russell: you have already seen her in the role of Felicity Porter in the television series Felicity.

The male actors are Jack Noseworthy, the faithless boyfriend, and Jason Wiles, the painter who welcomes the betrayed girl. But let’s see the peculiarities of Bon Jovi’s Always music video that maybe you have missed!

Setting in Mexico

The music video begins with an overview of a Mexican neighborhood on the border with the United States. Hanging on the fence of a playground there are various political posters, including that of Ernesto Zedillo, at the time of his political propaganda in 1994 (he will become president from 1994 to 2000).

The shot flies over a populated street in a hot summer day, and then it enters the apartment of the protagonist, who is reflecting on his love story, just ended. With a decided sound of drums the song starts and also the flashback, which makes us relive the whole affair.

A love story that lives forever in photos

The relationship between the two engaged is mainly based on visual aspects. At the beginning and at the end of the music video the male protagonist looks at a pic of his girlfriend. During the flashback you notice the bedroom covered with photographs. There is a cam used to film the girl’s sexy performances and the romantic moments between the two sweethearts. A love story based on a desire to stop the moments and remember them forever.

A panther in Bon Jovi’s Always music video

When the female protagonist sees the scene of the betrayal, she literally becomes a beast. Behind her you see a painting of a black panther in attitude of attack.

We’ll see the same black panther in the last scene of the music video: when the male protagonist has a vision of his girlfriend and tries to touch her, you notice a black statue nearby, guess what? Of a black panther!

From actress to spectator

In Always music video, the girl returns home but does not immediately see the betrayal of her boyfriend. She sees the scene through the turned on camera, that projects the image on a tv in another room.

Certainly she would have seen them anyway but it is strange that she, with this expedient, passes from actress to spectator. Since she no longer feels like a protagonist, she falls into the arms of a person who makes her feel important again, even if in different ways: a painter.

The music video ends with the revenge of the girl, who calls her boyfriend and shows him the painting. He destroys the work of art and all the painter’s creative workshop with fire. But this fire will not erase his memories and his love.
In the last scene Jack Noseworthy looks at a photo of her and imagines her in front of him.

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