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The apocalypse of the soul in Final Masquerade by Linkin Park

Let’s go back to talking about a timeless band and one of their most beautiful song, released in 2014, Final Masquerade by Linkin Park, which is part of their penultimate album The Hunting Party.

Final Masquerade lyrics

Many say that the lyrics, written by Chester Bennington, describe a relationship that has come to an end, a love relationship in which there was no sincerity and no communication. A story in which the protagonists hurt themselves but no longer matters, because everything is about to end (the scars begin to fade). First they saw a bright future but there were many shadows with which to deal. It’s a kind of masquerade, where the two partners held a mask but it’s too late, they arrived at the final dance and they know they have to take off the mask.

In my opinion the lyrics are not necessarily linked to a love story but can also be applied to a more general level for the history of humanity and it is in this sense that the video travels.

Pellington, the director of The Mothman Prophecies

The video is by director Mark Pellington, who worked with other artists, such as Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, U2, Demi Lovato. But he is most famous for being the director of the films Arlington Road and The Mothman Prophecies, and the latter reminds us a lot of style of Final Masquerade video.

Final Masquerade video by Linkin Park

The Linkin Park video alternates various scenes that tell the stories of some characters. More than real people, these seem personifications and metaphors. The scenarios are dreamlike, among abandoned places, dusty deserts, fairy woods, images of bleeding human parts and symbols of Christianity.

We see a blonde woman dressed as a crying angel. A child left alone that looks like a mix between Mike Shinoda and Joe Hann as children. A girl with short, red hair and a white dressing gown holding an egg. A teenager dressed as a collegiate who befriends a white wolf. An overweight man who almost looks like a Jesus Christ, in a bed of purple. A mother with a child are sitting in a forest while an autumn wind is raging. Then we see a blond girl who rests her hands on the wall. Naked Adam and Eve climb the stairs in an abandoned warehouse.

The images in the video want to arouse strong emotions, a whirlwind of the soul with dark gothic scenes science and fiction images. The final masquerade is the apocalyptic end of the world, but it is more dreamy than real. It is an apocalypse of the soul.

Throughout the video we read phrases: The end is near, Beware of shape shifters, Trust no one, Run away.
At the end of the video we see some protagonists who die, including men dressed in white overalls and masks that are thrown into the void from the top of a shed.
But then everyone seems to get up and live again, because the apocalypse was only inner.

The video seems a warning to humanity to open its eyes, put aside the mask with which everyone lives in the world and show themselves for who they are. And particular attention must be paid to our Earth, whose health conditions are coming to a point of no return…

The dark gothic video Numb by Linkin Park set in Prague

Crawling by Linkin Park and the monsters in Chester’s mind

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