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The autobiographical video Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi

Let’s go back to talking about a very popular band and one of its 90s successes: Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi. It is one of the band’s favorites, so much so that it was in their first greatest hits “Cross Road” in 1994.

John Bon Jovi composes the song in a hotel room in Los Angeles. The circumstances are quite peculiar and the singer remembers them: the night before the band has fun with rivers of alcohol and Bon Jovi is still in a drunken state.

But we know that wine often helps poets and artists and so the blond singer begins to get inspiration.
In the hotel there is a piano used for weddings and Bon Jovi asks that he be taken to his room. This request would be denied to a normal customer but he is not just any customer.

Two curiosities about the lyrics: in one point it refers to the public phones that Bon Jovi uses to call his beloved. Remember that at the time there were no cell phones and for lovers was not as easy as today with mobile phones.

In another passage he talks about his “mistress” asking him to stay in his spotlight. This lady is not a woman but she is music. In the song he claims to feel alone anyway, even though he is always busy with music.

The story told in the video Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi

But let’s get to the music video Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi; the director is the American Wayne Isham, famous for his thirty-year career in the music video industry.

At first we see the snow-capped mountains at dawn. You can see the images of the guitarist of the band Richie Sambora playing in various locations, including a sunny mountain peak.

Later in the video, David Bryan also plays the piano on the top of the mountain. Bon Jovi is not in these mountain scenes because he didn’t want the video to be too similar to “Blaze of Glory”.

Bon Jovi is then framed singing and then he is sitting at the piano in the hotel room, writing a song, with the dinner to finish and the empty bottle of alcohol.

Another scene shows us the members of the band in the recording room: the environment is soft with the presence of lighted candles.

The live scenes of the year-end concert in 1992

Then we see black and white scenes of the band during the Keep the Faith Tour: they all get off a plane with the inscription BON JOVI and head to the hotel with their bags.

The video is clearly autobiographical and describes the day that was a source of inspiration for Bon Jovi to write Bed Of Roses. There is also the alcoholic evening where Bon Jovi members laugh and joke at the hotel bar with the bartender and other girls. The lyrics also describes this scene.

In the final there are the scenes of the Bon Jovi concert at the Stabler Arena in Bethlem, Pennsylvania, for the New Year’s Eve concert on December 31st 1992. We also find these scenes in the video “In These Arms”.

John Bon Jovi told the English newspaper The Guardian that he was very inspired by the 1991 film “The Doors” with Val Kilmer impersonating Jim Morrison.

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